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5 Most Common Problems With An RO purifiers And Their Solutions



Compared with ordinary tap water, RO (Reverse Osmosis) system is an ideal way of health, which can achieve a certain water purity, making it suitable for drinking and cooking. The reverse osmosis RO water purifier removes unwanted pollutants from ordinary tap water and flushes away impurities.

The reverse osmosis system includes a cold water valve, which takes water from an external water source and supplies water to the system. The cold water then passes through a pre-filter to remove sediment and impurities. The reverse osmosis membrane is the most important part of the system, and the filtration system cannot operate without it. After the water leaves the storage tank, it is deposited in a post filter, usually made of carbon. After passing through this filter, the smell is eliminated. When the tank is full of water, closing the valve can save the water. After the entire filtering process, the water flows out from the tap.

However, after several years of continuous use, the reverse osmosis water purifier gradually wears out and some malfunctions may appear. The reverse osmosis water purifier not only requires regular maintenance and cleaning, but also the storage tank because even after preventive maintenance of the reverse osmosis system, the smell of water will be unpleasant. You should also do regular water purifier service. There are some common problems in all RO systems-you may have encountered them. Or, you may have noticed some defects by now. But there are solutions to solve these problems, as described below.

5 common RO problems and their solutions!

1. The faucet or drain pipe is noisy

This is one of the most common problems of RO systems. Normally, this is caused by air being expelled after installing a new system or replacing the filter cartridge. Don’t worry, the noise will gradually decrease after a week. You can also ask Aqua easy water purification experts for help. Regular water purifier service will also help maintain the life cycle of your RO purifier.

Pro tip: One more thing you can do is to straighten the tube. If the noise problem still exists, you can check the gap in the system again.

2. Leaking faucet

If the system components are loosely installed, there will be a certain degree of leakage. Sometimes, it comes from the bottom of the tap. Therefore, you can tighten all the fittings again and push the tubing further into the valve, drain saddle, and port. This will improve the problem.

3. Stink or unpleasant taste of water

Stagnant water is the source of bad smell. In addition, exhausted filters and broken membranes are the main reasons why the water in your home tastes bad. You just need to replace out already depleted ingredients, water will again become delicious. The storage water needs to be replaced regularly to reduce air and bubbles.

4. Non-stop running system 

This can happen if the shut-off valve isn’t closed properly or the check valve is broken. Installing the incorrect membrane will keep the system running. to prevent the continual flow of water, you would like to live the pressure within the tank. Ideally, the pressure has to be 35-40 psi. If the broken or damaged check valve replaces it.

5. Water flows slower than usual

Again, this problem is related to pressure, and usually, the volume of water is smaller. You need to check the reverse osmosis water purification machine storage water tank water pressure is optimal. If not, use a pressure gauge to carefully increase the value to 6-8 psi. Sometimes, the inner tank in the water tank cannot withstand the pressure and the entire water tank must be replaced.

So, now that you have learned how to do RO repair, we hope you can troubleshoot at any time.

However, if you don’t want to go through the arduous process of repairing the RO system yourself, the RO experts of Aqua Easy  Water Purifier will help you.

RO repair water purifier can be a rather tedious process, because opening the entire system to deal with the problem, and then reassembling it will take a lot of time. You can experience the services of professionals on our platform Ro service near me, and you can enjoy our services at ease in your comfortable home.

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