Best Artificial Intelligence Apps for iOS and Android



Just like any other technology, Artificial Intelligence is offering ease and convenience. The technology has already disrupted big and small enterprises to automate their work processes and reduce the human workforce. The deployment of AI on the enterprise level means that the company is looking forward to reducing human errors and maximize productivity.

The use of artificial intelligence is not only limited to the enterprise level but also being part of everyone’s life. You will get an idea about AI apps that are being used by everyone without knowing that they are equipped with AI technology. Let’s have a look at some of the best AI apps for Android and iOS you can download right now.


Siri is one of the most popular apps that everyone knows whether it be Android or iOS users. Although the app is available only on Apple platforms such as iOS, macOS, tvOS, iPadOS, and WatchOS, yet the app has gained popularity among all users.

Siri is a built-in feature for most of the Apple devices that uses voice commands and natural language UI to perform tasks. You can ask anything from Siri to perform the task such as making calls, answering questions, restaurants near you, weather updates, and much more. Siri can adapt to the previous searches and preferences by the user.


Cortana is another AI app that needs no introduction. The virtual assistant is a service from Microsoft that is available on most of the operating systems and mobile devices including Windows 10, Invoke Smart, Android, iOS, Xbox One, Alexa, and many more.

In addition, it is also accessible on headsets like HyperX CloudX, Logitech G933, and Razer Kraken V2. If you are a Windows 10 user, you don’t need to take any steps to install on your system as it is already provided in it.

Cortana also functions similarly to Siri by answering questions, keeping notes, managing appointments, invigilating tasks, and much more. The best part of Cortana is that it learns and more complex tasks over time.

Google Assistant

Have you ever pressed the home button on your android device and suddenly a popup appears asking you to say the command. That is Google Assistant asking a command from you to follow and perform actions accordingly.

Google Assistant was launched back in 2016 and has gained immense popularity among Android users. The assistant has gained massive hype and is regarded as one of the most advanced virtual assistants.

Google has joined hands with several companies to make it available on several devices. For instance, Google Assistant can be found in cars, smartphones, fridges, and headphones. Whether you are searching for a restaurant near your area or want to commute to the nearest café, Google Assistant is just a command away to assist you.

Amazon Alexa 

If you are considering turning your traditional home into a smart home, Amazon offers you a wide range of smart devices including Alexa. The devices are AI-powered virtual assistants and were first named as Echo Dot smart speakers. However, now it is available on several devices including smart TVs, iOS, and Android devices.

Alexa similar to Google Assistant and Siri uses voice queries to process the request. Whether you want to play your favorite soundtrack, turn off your smart TV or dim the smart lights, Alexa is ready to obey your command. However, to run smart devices at home without any disruption, you need to have high-speed internet. Several providers are offering broadband internet to the masses in America but few are worthy of praise. If luckily Spectrum packages are available in your area, go for it, or check out packages from any other provider such as Cox, Xfinity, Frontier, or Mediacom, whichever serves your area.


One of the best AI apps for students to help them complete their assignments and prepare for quizzes. The AI-powered app Socratic was recently acquired by Google. It offers students to take pictures using their smartphone camera and the app will provide all the explanations necessary to clear the concepts of students. The app uses both speech and text recognition. Whether your kid is weak in math or struggling to learn science, Socratic is going to provide all the assistance without hiring a private tutor. The apps are available on both iOS and Android devices. So make sure to incorporate AI in your home to help learn your kids more.

ELSA Speak

English Language Speech Assistant or ELSA speak is an app for natives as well as foreigners to learn English pronunciation and bring more clarity in your speaking. ELSA Speak has been used by over seven million people and improved their English pronunciation. You can practice for different tests such as TOEIC exams, IELTS, ESL Classes, and TOEFL. If you are going to travel to a place where English is spoken as a first language, you must install this app on your phone.


Hound is one of the best AI android apps, which resembles Google voice search. You just need to say Ok Hound and the app will deliver instant results. Hound brings various features including favorite music, set alarms, video playback, and set time. The AI app hound can also be used for making calculations book a ride on Uber, and food restaurants.

Summing Up

In this article, we have covered different AI apps that offers various functionalities and features to offer you convenience and ease. Try these AI apps to make your life easier and control different aspects that require manual work.

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