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‘He Will Go To Trump On Hyperdrive To Reject The Election In USA



The idea of delaying the November election has caused political confusion about Donald Trump in presidential orbit, saying his tweet on Thursday morning was somewhat narrower and more tactical.

The president is not really trying to delay the vote. He is trying to predict possible outcomes.

Two administrative officials and another president’s president saw themselves on Thursday morning with a recent outburst – “disappointment”, as one of the officers said in the search for the president would lose a second word. . None of these groups said they were aware of Trump’s clear constitutional guidelines and serious attempts to delay the presidential election.

One person close to Trump said, “He was afraid he would lose it.” “I heard him say that in a country where people like this guy, Joe Biden, [President], he can count on this buffoon to be a good leader.” Trump. “

Trump’s tweet about delaying the election – an act by which the army of legal scholars claims that Trump has no power – underscores the fact that while this is only a sham, it further underscores the reality: the president and his allies have been busy sowing for months suspecting that Trump will not win. They did so because of the many unfounded, self-serving avenues, such as multi-million dollar direct investment in advertising, multi-legal action, and nonstop messaging.

On Thursday, following a presidential morning tweet, Trump’s lieutenants made it clear that Team Trump’s primary concern was: voting-by-mail, a well-established and very common method in the U.S. election, in a favorable bogeyman.

“The president is raising a question about the chaos created by the Democrats’ perseverance for all mail-in voting,” said Hogan Gidley, Trump’s national press secretary.

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