Reasons why Instagram is better than various other social media platforms



The time to turn to social media platforms is now, the opportunities have not been more remarkable, and technology as faster as efficient as it is now. Despite all that, many people make the mistake of choosing the wrong Social media platform, the platform is not wrong or bad in any way but the thing is that the behavior of the people might not be up to the hype developed around a certain social media platform. That is why it is important that you must choose a viable social media platform according to your own requirements.

Instagram seems to be taking the social media platforms by the storm and it is even more than that, many people call it their home based on the aesthetics and the way the platform makes them feel about themselves. There are various reasons as to why Instagram is a better alternative than various other social media platforms out there and some of them are as follows;

  1. Instream is visual

What your eyes see is going to stick more with your memory than simply hearing about it. The same goes with the Instagram platform, it is so much appealing and visually aesthetic, to begin with, that many people would automatically prefer it over other social media platforms having a short experience with it.

  • It is micro

It provides the users with a quick visual for the sharing of information, it is like microblogging and people adore this concept right now. Instagram and Pinterest have become the regular go-to platforms for bloggers, marketers, and other such people who want to share a unique and brief message with their audience that is why it strikes all the right strings with users and content creators.

  • Instagram is a fun place to be

The next cool thing about Instagram that separates it from other social media platforms is the fun aspect. You might get bored with the content scrolling on Facebook, watching random images on Pinterest, or seeing tweets all day long but Instagram won’t let you down in this stead. It is a fun place to be because the content is refreshed continuously, more things are being added and old and boring stuff keeps disappearing so you don’t get bored.            

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