USA Car Trip: 5 National Parks to Visit this Winter



If you like road adventures and often look for jeep rentals near me for your trip, what about experiencing the incredible winter charm of the US National Parks? At first glance, winter may not seem like the ideal time to visit America’s national parks, but in fact, there’s no good or bad season to enjoy this wild beauty.

All you need is to have a good mood and reserve a suitable vehicle through car rental app, for example a Jeep. In addition, some of the national parks of this country are located in the tropics, so if you come there in winter, there will be a comfortable temperature, and you are guaranteed not to be afraid of sunstroke. And in case you like snow, you will enjoy the silence and loneliness in those places where people flock in summer.

Whatever you prefer, you always have a choice. Here’s a list of the best US national parks to visit this winter.

Hot Springs National Park

In the state of Arkansas, you’ll find the smallest and very first National Park in the United States – Hot Springs, the administrative center of which is a small city of the same name. This is a famous balneological resort, famous for its healing hot springs.

The territory of the city and its environs received the status of a reserve in 1921, when hydropathic establishments and motels were already built in the zone of geothermal waters, and a railway was laid. A beautiful, cozy, clean city is literally buried in greenery inside and outside, the hilly terrain of the park is all covered with dense forest.

The resort city is provided with an excellent infrastructure that allows tourists to spend their time in winter comfortably: a luxury hotel, an amusement park, viewing platforms on the hills, good restaurants and cafes. Here you can improve your health and have a good rest.

Everglades National Park

The unique value of this area in Florida lies in the wild pristine nature of the subtropics, which has managed to survive here almost intact. This is evidenced by the rarest specimens of flora and fauna that were considered irrevocably gone: blue herons, an ancient species of alligators, a red mangrove tree, etc.

Winter is a great time to enjoy it without the summer heat and insects. You can go kayaking through the mangroves or opt for a multi-day canoe trip stopping at the base camps.

There are many roads in the park, very convenient for observing animals and birds. This is great news as you can explore many interesting places with your rental car.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Covered by the Rocky Mountains, Colorado’s Wild West sites are America’s most popular ski resort with snow not melting until June. In this national park, you can ski and snowshoe everywhere in winter.

The beauty of the local landscapes overshadows everything seen before: they are especially good in autumn, when the crowns of deciduous trees flash with a crimson, purple, lemon color against the background of silvery-gray mountains. There are many picturesque lakes in the park.

The Colorado River begins there, but it’s not at all like a mighty stream that has broken through the deepest canyon in the rocks. Wonderful views of the park will be remembered for a lifetime by the bright colors of forests, blue eyes of lakes and gray peaks of the Rocky Mountains.

Denali National Park

This is a stunning park in Alaska that houses Denali, the tallest mountain in America. Its height is 6,190 meters. The reserve has a very diverse landscape, riddled with a network of roads. You can travel with a rental car through the boreal forest, tundra and glaciers that have created a unique setting for a full relaxation.

 This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Alaska – more than 400,000 people come there a year. In winter, you can go dog sledding, skiing and snowmobiling.

In terms of wildlife, numerous representatives of the local fauna, including caribou, moose, brown bears, mountain sheep and wolves, live there freely and in complete safety, as many centuries ago.

Sequoia National Park

The territory of California is home to the second earliest-established park, founded in 1890 – Sequoia National Park. Native Americans used to live there, but today the national park is famous for its sequoias. Among them is the famous 80-meters-high General Sherman tree. This is the pride of the park, and the largest living tree in the world. With its unspoiled nature and magnificent trees, this unique place attracts many tourists.

In winter, the park is covered with snow, which creates beautiful white landscapes. In addition to General Sherman, there’s another attraction here – the Wawona Tree. In 1881, a tunnel was cut out in it, through which it was possible to drive a car. In 1969, the tree collapsed under its own weight.

By the way, the Sequoia National Park is adjacent to the Kings Canyon National Park, and with the help of your rental car you can easily combine these 2 unique places in a single road trip.

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