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Which companies provide toll free phone numbers in 2020 ?



Generally, you will receive a phone number only when you pay for the phone landline service, purchase your cellular SIM card, or register for your service. Comes with no service. But you can get a free phone number without engagement and without a monthly bill. There are services offered in the package with many interesting features. Here are some:

1. Google Voice

Google Voice gives you a free phone number, which allows you to run multiple incoming calls at once. This number comes with a package of interesting features. For example, you can record your voice call and convert it to text and eventually send it to your email. You can also use this number to make free local calls to the US. You can port your old phone number to the Google Voice service.

2. Sideline

Sideline is the number two app for Android and easy to use. The original version was free, though it was packed with useful features and an improved user interface. Sideline lets you move your current number and select the area code you want. Texting is free and custom voicemail greetings and voicemail forwarding. Calling cost is determined by your carrier plan and international calling costs in more than 165 countries are $ 15 per customer per month.

3. Dingtone

DingTone is an emerging free calling app that has become very popular in recent times for a wide range of services. In-app calls and texts are completely free; However, the best thing is that Dingtone allows any mobile or landline in more than 200 countries at no cost. Therefore, you can switch to this free phone call without any worries. Also, you can get real S in dingtone. Think of the idea of   having two numbers on one phone – one for business and the other for family and friends. Better than any other app, DingTone offers phone numbers from many countries, including the US, UK, Canada, Belgium and the Netherlands.

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