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YouTube : will start testing native picture-in-picture features in its iOS apple app



The film has been available to iPad users since iOS 9 and Apple launched it on iOS 14 with iOS 14. YouTube has never supported this feature, it’s iOS app which allows users to watch videos while using other apps. This may change now as YouTube begins testing the native picture-in-picture feature in its iOS app.

According to some reports on Twitter, Picture-in-Picture has been slowed down for some users with the latest version of the YouTube app download for iOS. Other reports suggest that this feature only works with certain videos, indicating that YouTube is still running PiP.

5 to 9  Mac was able to confirm that this feature was actually being tested with a small group of users.

Once you enable Picture-in-Picture, it works just like any other supported app. You can start playing the video and then close the app to continue watching in the small window. The video floats on the iOS home screen or any other app you use.

 Works on iPad:

Unfortunately, YouTube for YouTube limits video playback to premium customer backgrounds, which means it is limited to users who pay for picture-in-picture premium YouTube features. The YouTube premium for us costs 99 11.99 per month, but if you subscribe through the YouTube app for iOS you will pay 99 15.99 due to the 30% App Store commission.

It should be noted that devices running iOS 14, iPados 14, and TVOS 14 can also watch 4K HDR videos for the first time on the YouTube app. Have done

Google did not say when Picture-in-Picture will be enabled for all users of the YouTube application on iOS. If you have not yet enabled the Picture-in-Picture feature in the YouTube app or you are not a YouTube Premium subscriber, check out our article on how to watch YouTube videos.

YouTube app is available for free on the Apple Store.

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