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10 Best DC Animated Movies of All Time You Must Watch

10 Best DC Animated Movies of All Time You Must Watch | EPI EXPRESS

Lately, it sometimes feels like live-action superhero movies have really stolen the silver screen. Read everything about Best DC Animated Movies below.

From the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the new DC movies, to the rumors of a ‘SnyderVerse’ — there’s more than enough live-action superhero goodness to go around. 

But let’s not forget about the animated classics. 

And let’s also not forget that DC has put out some seriously awesome animated superhero movies over the past 20+ years. 

And in this post, we’re going to rank the top ten best DC animated movies. 

1. Batman: Under The Red Hood

So, why is Batman: Under The Red Hood so good? What makes it our top-rated animated DC movie of all time?

To put it bluntly, it’s a deep movie that explores some essential storyline elements. 

But the Red Hood himself is also just a super cool character. 

This anti-hero definitely doesn’t let Batman steal the entire spotlight. That’s a rare feat and makes the movie both intense and iconic. 

2. Justice Society: World War II

There aren’t many DC animated movies where the Flash takes center stage. 

Justice Society: World War II is that movie, and that’s probably part of what makes it so equally awesome and intense. 

In this movie, Barry Allen (a.k.a The Flash) has a speed force mishap. He finds himself thrown 80 years into the past, where he teams up with the Justice League in their fight against Hitler during the Second World War. 

Even IGN said that Justice Society: World War II “ranks among the best of the long-running DC Universe Movies series.”

In other words — it’s fantastic. 

3. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Parts 1 & 2

Both of these movies scored extremely high marks with critics and audiences.

In part 1, you see 55-year-old Bruce Wayne (played by Peter Weller) come out of retirement. He dons his signature cape and cowl once more to fight the Joker and Two-Face. He also faces off against an old ally for one final fight. 

Most viewers consider part 2 the better installment of the 2-part series, though. It has bigger reveals, a faster pace, and is an all-around Batman animated classic. 

In the sequel, Batman and Robin face off against the Joker while Superman brings global catastrophe to the streets of Gotham. 

4. Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

This anime-influenced take, which mostly features (you guessed it) the Flash as the main protagonist, is one of the best DC animated movies of all time. 

It’s also one of the most violent, mature, and action-packed. 

In the words of IGN’s reviewers:

“Whether that violence is too much or not is your decision.” 

In this movie, The Flash wakes up in a strange yet familiar world where he ends up facing off against a rival known as reverse Flash. 

This sets into motion a mystery that Flash needs to solve. It quickly takes you on a comic-book adventure, the likes of which other DC animated movies haven’t touched. 

This is a solid classic that you’ll love, regardless of whether or not you’re a massive fan of the scarlet speedster as a hero. 

5. Batman: Soul of the Dragon

If you’re looking for an animated Batman movie that doubles as a kung-fu/martial arts movie, this is the number-one Batman installment for you. 

In Batman: Soul of the Dragon, a young Dark Knight set in the 70s struggles to balance being a hero and a man with any semblance of a normal life. 

In the heat of this struggle, he reunites with old martial arts friends and proceeds to kick a ton of Kobra ninja butt to thwart a terrorist plot. 

6. Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths

Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths puts Superman, Batman, and other heroes on a parallel planet. There, they must battle their evil counterparts. 

You’ll also see heroes like Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, the Flash, and Martian Manhunter. 

All things considered, if you’re a fan of the Justice League, this animated adventure isn’t going to be one to miss. You can even catch it on a few platforms nowadays, as it hit streaming services in 2016. 

7. Justice League vs. Teen Titans

When a mysterious enemy rears its ugly head and starts controlling the Justice League, Robin and the Teen Titans are left to save the day. 

If you love the Justice League but are also a fan of the old Teen Titans animated series, Justice League Vs. Teen Titans may be the best DC animated motion picture for you. 

The animations of the Teen Titan characters in this movie pay homage to the characters from the animated series. But they’ve also been slightly updated, and honestly — they look (and feel) better than ever. 

This is a true masterpiece. A DC work of art that’ll have you on the edge of your seat.  

8. Justice League: New Frontier

Justice League: New Frontier is set in the 1950s and takes place in a setting of Cold War paranoia. In this era, an evil entity has vowed to destroy humankind. 

At the center of the story are Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and a young Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern. 

But what a lot of fans loved about this particular DC movie was the scope of the film. 

It took some heroes from DC’s early days and really tied them together with more modern-day heroes. Everything in its epic storyline was quite well done, considering what the movie set out to accomplish. 

The result? A great story presented in such a way as to be a massive success for both superhero and comic-book fans alike. 

9. All-Star Superman

All-Star Superman, created in 2011, begins with a storyline where Superman, exposed to radiation, believes he’s dying. 

It’s a movie known as the most ambitious man of steel movie ever created. 

In the movie, Lex Luthor sabotages a science mission, and Superman gets oversaturated with solar radiation. 

This boosts his powers but also ends up being slowly fatal. 

He then takes himself to task on piecing together loose strands of his life and destiny. It brings everything to a climax through a series of massive, gut-wrenching challenges that push him to the very edge. 

10. Justice League: Doom

Justice League: Doom begins when Vandal Savage steals a file containing the weaknesses of all the Justice League members. 

This information was initially stored away as a Batman fail-safe in case the League went rogue and was never supposed to grace the light of day. 

But unfortunately, the Justice League must now fight against an enemy who basically has a secret weapon to defeat every one of them. 

The League must also battle its own personal challenges, as they look upon Batman as a possible traitor. 


These are the ten best DC animated movies to grace the silver screen. 

Of course, many more movies could have made the list. 

Do you agree or disagree with these movie choices? Leave a comment and let us know. 

And of course, if you haven’t seen them all yet — there’s no time like the present!  

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