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10 Questions to Ask Trade Show Design Companies

10 Questions to Ask Trade Show Design Companies

1. What are different types of displays that could highlight the quality of my product?

Your physical exhibit is a reflection of your organization and its product lineup. A variety of fabrication materials can be used, but the ultimate goal should be to create a physical environment that is reflective of your brands identity. Invest a significant amount of time into the design process, keeping in mind materials that will work best with your brand, maximize your budget and allow for the most creativity from an engineering perspective.

With a great design, and an experienced team of fabricators who are not in the business of cutting corners, your display will emphasize the quality of your products.

2. What types of displays have you made in the (said) industry?

A history of what the company has done and is familiar with is essential to know. Have they done traditional displays such as aluminum extrusion, wood and tension fabrics? And what custom work have they done? Jobs with their signature touch on them that they could be capable of sharing with you.

3. If I’m on a tight budget, how can you still produce a one-of-a-kind trade booth display?

Let’s get creative. Seriously… some of the most creative exhibits I have seen have been implemented out of the need to stretch a dollar. Everybody has different needs so there is no one specific answer. The best approach trade show design companies can use is to incorporate as much rental inventory as possible while still achieving a custom look and feel.

Remember… sometimes less is more. It’s not about filling a space, it’s about sending the correct message.

4. What does the creative process entail? How am I engaged in the process?

You really want to get a feel for the step by step process that the company goes through. They should paint a picture for you of what methods they use to design the exhibit, how they incorporate information about your product, brand or service.

Most importantly you should find out how involved YOU will be in the process. Do they just take in all of your information and whip up something for you? Or will you be involved in each step. While it does take some time out of your schedule, it is important to be incorporated in this process if you want to receive your ideal results, and it is important to find a company that will be sure to keep you in the loop.

5. When will I see the renderings? Is there a quota or consultation fee?

Depending on the size of the physical display and level of detail the design process can take trade show design companies anywhere from two days to two months. And figuring out quota or consultation fees is certainly a good idea before you start getting down to business.

6. How can I track the progress of my trade show display plans?

In addition to seeing updates through email, you should expect your trade show design companies to make progress updates available 24/7. It is your product and you should able to be update at your request.

7. On the day of the event, who is responsible for transport, set-up, and breakdown Design Companies?

The ideal company should take ownership of your project from top to bottom. This includes all fabrication and exhibit supply, electrical, shipping, and setup and teardown and any other components of your show.

Some of the more efficient teams are also on-site during the show, helping wherever needed. A premiere team will be ready to act as a booth ambassador, greeting attendees, or even running around making a few last minute purchases if necessary.

8. What types of experiences can trade show attendees expect when visiting my booth Design Companies?

That’s exactly it, you want your attendees to “experience” your booth not stop by. One of the ultimate goals of your booth should be to create multiple interaction points, leading to a “sticky” booth, meaning attendees visit the booth and stay for a while, and to experience multiple activation’s.

This can accomplish with various social media outlets, presentations, technology, photo opportunities and much more. You want to make sure that your attendees leave your booth with a long lasting positive impression.

9. If the original idea of the display changes, can we go back and start with a brand new rendering Design Companies?

Flexibility is a great trait for a company to have. As long as time allows it, your trade show design companies should certainly be willing to make changes to the design.

Priorities change and focuses shift, you should find a company thatis prepare and organize enough to be ready for such.

10. Can we communicate via video conference, or social media for updates and appointments?

Technology is a wonderful thing. Your trade show design company should stay up to speed on the latest meeting technology. That will allow you to get on the same page and create something truly amazing.

We focus on creativity, flexibility, and keeping a strong line of communication with our customers. We are experienced with every type of display and fabric in the business and will work closely with you from the planning stages to the day of the event.

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