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10 Wonderful Things to Do This Year in Goa

10 Wonderful Things to Do This Year in Goa


Goa is India’s ultimate vacation destination. If you are in love, need fun, excitement, or escape, it’s Goa that you ought to be.


Goa is India’s ultimate vacation destination. If you are in love, need fun, excitement, or escape, it’s Goa that you ought to be. The favorite haunt of Indian travelers, India’s smallest state, is full of immense, extensive, and inexhaustible pleasures. Goa has everything from the golden coast, water sports, shrines, temples, nightlife, and multiple unbelievable experiences.

Sandy Beaches

The beaches lure crowds to Goa, so you start a wonderful holiday here. Visitors can choose from several choices on the Arabian Sea’s long shoreline. The beaches of North Goa are full of watersports, parties, and crowds, while South Goa beaches are less crowded. The beaches are the center for festivals, entertainment, enjoyable food, nightlife, shopping, and fun.

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Water sports

Goa has some of the best things to do in India for its truly delightful water sports. The list never ends with banana-boat, jet-ski, surf, para-sail, diving, and snorkeling. You can either discover the underwater world, or you can wave and ride on the water. Eventually, it’s exciting even if you tried watersports in Goa.

Goa Carnival

The Carnival is a time to believe in Goa, the largest festival. Be a part of the enchanting community; why visit. In the local culture, Old Portuguese festivities play a special role. 3 days festival, just before the 40 days of Lent, is a lovely orgy with feasts and drinks. A frenzy of delights features Goa Carnival. The festival is characterized by dancing, music, delicious food, colored costumes, and awe. Great parades and floats cross the town with bands and floats. Evenings are filled with balls, masked dance, etc.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

We are talking about hot air balloon rides as a lifetime experience, one of Goa’s best things to do. Imagine floating in the air, providing constant views of the Cérulean Sea waters and the lush palms. At sunrise, there are hot air balloons. There can be nothing more romantic than a couple’s hot air balloon on the Goa honeymoon.

Wildlife Sightseeing

Happy with nature and animals, wildlife sightseeing is one of the wonderful things to do this year. The Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Dr. Salim Ali Wildlife Sanctuary, Cotigaon Sanctuary, the Made Wildlife Sanctuary, Bhagwan Mahavir (Mollem) Sanctuary, and Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary are some of its most popular sights for nature visits. The most popular is its wildlife sites. Find colorful birds and many other western Ghats indigenous animals. There are also adventure mangrove forests.

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Dolphin Watching

Dolphin watching is a common activity. It’s certainly incredible to see the beautiful animals skipping the waves. On your Goa holiday, try this year. Dolphin watching tours during the months from October to May are easily accessible. Watch the dolphins on a sunrise tour or even play with them. The best places to see the dolphins include Calangute, Palolem Strand, Agonda Strand, Aguada Strand, Dona Paula Strand, and Grande Island.

Christmas and New Year Celebrations

Due to his colonial rule, Christianity has a touch that really makes Christmas in Goa incredible. Every nook and corner is celebrated with the churches, villages. In festival glory, the churches are decorated. Festivities, Masses, prayers, and festivities are very peculiar to Christmas. It’s a whole New Year event, a funny extravagance. People from every corner of the world love to begin the year with celebrations, fun, and excitement. Book a vacation this year in Goa to enjoy the great festivities of November and New Year.

River Cruises

Goa is blessed with rivers and hidden backwaters, apart from the happy waters of the Arabian Sea. One of Goa’s unmissable pleasures is a river cruise on the Mandovi River. The joy of exploring the water of the river is very great. See the planet as your river cruise moves. You certainly must go on a sunset cruise if you are looking for a romantic getaway. Fine food, music, dance, and festivities add to the charm.

Discover the Portuguese Legacy

Goa is the location to taste Portuguese culture. Explore the rich heritage of the Portuguese during this holiday. Goa is an elegant architectural heritage, wine, dance, and much more as a colony for over 450 years. Go via Old Goa to see temples, forts, mansions and relive the ancient times.

Anjuna Flea Market

We have the thrilling Anjuna Flea market to conclude with the amazing stuff to do in Goa. It’s a world of its own, rather than a business. The market opened only on Wednesdays and now is a tourist delight, with stalls and handmade jewelry shops to souvenirs of all kinds. It opened only on Wednesdays. Have a Goan taste, too. The flea market is full of energy, and you have to see it.

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