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10th NextGen Payments & RegTech experts

We are proud to announce that the 10th NextGen Payments & Regtech Forum 2022 is going to be hosted on March 22nd – 23rd in Dublin, Ireland!

The 10th NextGen Payments and RegTech Forum is an inspirational gathering connecting leading decision-makers from across the entire Payments and RegTech community, delivering optimum benefit through premium content and bespoke networking opportunities.

This distinguished Forum will explore every aspect of Payments & RegTech – from upcoming regulation to new payment methods and practical case studies. Attended by senior executives from across the UK and EMEA – offering a unique opportunity to learn and network with leading international experts and like minded peers.

High-achieving specialists will inspire the participants by their knowledge and innovative concepts on how to evolve business activities in the world of technology advances, regulations, empowered customers and continuous development in a disruptive economy.

This B2B Forum is the perfect platform to build connections, educate and explore new business opportunities and meet the key decision-makers that are shaping this rapidly changing Payments & RegTech world.


‘A great event, packed with so much knowledge and great speakers, offering a unique balance between digital payments industry trends and payments regulations. In short: offering a compact source of inspiration.’ INTRASOFT International

‘Thank you so much for such an experience. It was very interesting and informative two days.’ EXINITY

‘Excellent networking, well organized, great location.’ WonderInterest

‘Very professional and pragmatic when it comes to networking and real valuable content.’ RCB Bank Ltd

‘Excellent organization, interesting subjects and knowledgeable speakers.’ CreditPilot


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About QUBE Events

We believe in building credible relationships with our participants and sustaining mutual growth through our combined successes.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to escape the term cryptocurrency. This investment opportunity has certainly taken the world by storm. However, like all investment opportunities, there are risks that come with cryptocurrency that you should be aware of as an investor.

Today, we will be discussing how you can stay safe whilst investing in cryptocurrency over the coming months.

Split Your Investments

The world of digital currency is constantly evolving. A currency that might have been red hot a few weeks ago could significantly drop in value over night. As such, it’s important that you diversify your investment portfolio. It is wise to spread your investments across several different projects. For example, don’t throw all of your money into Bitcoin.

It may be the case that you invest in one area of digital currency because it is the one you are most familiar with. However, research is key. It is worth looking at several different digital currencies online. There are plenty of informative resources out there which can help.

Pay Your Taxes

Investors, particularly those who are just starting out, may not be familiar with the tax rules and regulations surrounding cryptocurrency.

It is important that you always pay your taxes. Failure to do so could lead to huge financial problems in the future. If you want to protect your assets, then following the correct rules and regulations is one of the best ways to stay safe.

Enhance Your Computer Security

Cybercrime continues to be an issue both in the UK and around the world. Hackers are becoming a lot more advanced and now it is becoming a lot easier for them to gain access to your cryptocurrency investments. In order to reduce your risk, you should always ensure that your computer security is up to date. As always, you need to stay vigilant online.

Try to protect your assets with passwords and don’t share them with anyone. When it comes to password protecting your personal investments you should also try to avoid choosing a password that is too obvious. For example,

Hackers will find any information they can from your social media accounts and can easily guess your passwords from it.

Research, Research, Research!

You should never choose to invest in cryptocurrency without putting in the research. Before you invest a single penny of your money into a digital currency, you should research cryptocurrency exchanges.

Storing Your Cryptocurrency

Once you invest in cryptocurrency, you must then find a means to store it. You can store your crypto one of two ways, you can either store it on an exchange or in a digital “wallet”.


As an investor, you shouldn’t be naïve to the fact that cryptocurrency does come with its risks. However, by following our safety tips above alongside a lot of other research, you will be well on your way to investing safely in 2022. It’s time to end the year by protecting our assets and becoming the safe investors we all dream of being.

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