Fire Watch Guards

Which are the Basic Fire Watch Needs?

Fire Watch Guards are sent to buildings with broken or dysfunctional fire alarms or spray systems where they have a list of functions that include setting the clock in and around the building, acting as human firefighters. In Chapter 3 of the LSC, a fire clock is defined as the distribution of one or more…

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Eddy Perez

Eddy Perez Helps Shape Real Estate Industry as Chairman of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals

In 2021, giving a voice to minorities is more important than ever, especially in industries such as real estate and investment. Achieving the American Dream is possible for people of any background within the United States, but in the past, many minorities did not have the information they needed to acquire property. Nowadays, the real…

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Jay Doran

To Improve Their Triple Bottom Line, Businesses Need To Know Their Culture – Jay Doran

The business triple bottom line. Or, the concept that companies should be monitoring and evaluating performance against social and environmental impacts as well as profit. It’s a laudable approach to business in light of the current climate crisis. It also recognizes the responsibility that all companies have to benefit wider society. Culture expert Jay Doran…

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brands paint

Georgia Emily Austin Speaks Out On Why Brands Need A Solid Content Strategy

Content. It’s how brands paint customers a picture of their core values, products and services, and benefits. Customers don’t just buy products, they buy into brands. Through website copy, product descriptions, blog posts, customer communications, mission statements, and social posts, a company can create a verbal identity that reaches the heart of its target audience….

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emergency fire

Emergency Fire Watch- Costs and Expenses

Due to short notice and critical response, an emergency fire extinguisher will cost you less than pre-charged Fire Watch Services. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $ 50- $ 100 per hour to a trained emergency clock personnel. Unfortunately, situations that require the help of firefighters are difficult to predict, so often…

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zodiac sign

Top 5 smartest zodiac signs

Each zodiac sign has a unique combination of traits to offer. Some are incredibly kind, others have a great intuition, some excel at every single thing that they do and some of the smartest zodiac signs will probably put you in awe of how brilliant they can be.  You may have noticed different zodiac signs…

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