26-year-old black woman has won the Miss Ireland 2021 crown

Pamela Uba has done what no black woman in Ireland has been able to do in the last 64 years. The 26-year-old black woman has won the Miss Ireland 2021 crown. He could not stop his anger after winning this title. “It’s very strange that it took so many years to win,” he said.

The beauty pageant has been held in Ireland since 1984, according to the BBC. No black woman could win this title. This time the medical scientist Pamela broke that ‘tradition’. “I am the first,” he said after winning the crown. So my feelings are great too. People are watching me and I never thought I would be in this position today. ‘

Pamela moved to Ireland from South Africa with her mother and three siblings when she was eight years old. From then on, the struggle of Pamela and her family started in the country. He had to stay in a shelter to get asylum in the country. They then moved to County Mayo. At that time, Pamela’s mother had to endure a lot of hardships with her sons and daughters. Their family depended on the allowance given by the government.

Pamela did not forget the struggles of the past. Pamela, who came to Ireland as a refugee, is today the most beautiful woman in the country. Recalling the days of the past, Pamela said, ‘Life in the shelter was very strange. We were totally dependent on the government. We were not allowed to work. It was a difficult time for my mother. ‘ I really disliked visiting friends. Because I didn’t want to show them my hard life. ‘

Extremely talented Pamela gets a chance to study medicine at a university. He is currently working at a hospital in the port city of Galway, Ireland. “I have been a front-line fighter since the Corona epidemic began,” Pamela told Irish media outlet Radio Newsbeat. It’s a big deal for me. ”

Uba was crowned Miss Ireland by three former winners: Lauren McDonagh, Aoife O Sullivan, and Rebecca Maguire, according to the press release. With her new title, Uba will go on to represent Ireland at the 70th Miss World pageant in Puerto Rico in December.

In the press release, Brendan Marc Scully, Director of Miss Ireland, called Uba “a joy from the very start” and said she “put her heart and soul into her Miss Ireland journey.”

It is also strange that Pamela came to the beauty pageant. She added that she had the opportunity to be on the stage of the Miss Galway beauty pageant while working in a bar. Then a judge thought of him as one of the contestants of that year. But he wasn’t that. However, the woman judge encouraged him to take part in the competition.

Pamela took part in Miss Galway 2020 without any previous experience in modeling. Since then, she has received positive feedback from various quarters, Pamela said. She will now compete in the 2022 Miss World pageant in Puerto Rico, Caribbean. Hopefully, he will do well in that competition.

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