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3 Effective Steps To Creating A Positive And Lasting Change

3 Effective Steps To Creating A Positive And Lasting Change

THE word “change”, as it is often said is believed to be the one thing in life that Effective , like the universe, constant on its axis! But for any change to be lasting, whether positive or otherwise, it would have to be consistent!

Today, there are many who desire change in their finances, relationships, marriage, emotion or physical fitness, many more who attempt to change the negative experiences in their life but whom, as it were, are feeling rather let down, disappointed and frustrated!

Effective But why?

Probably because the change they once had wasn’t constant; it was temporary and short lived! So the idea of changing that negative feeling, attitude, lifestyle or experience seems practically unattainable.

It could be going on a diet to lose some weight, getting rid of drugs, staying committed in a relationship or mastering their finances.

Whatever be the case, permit me the privilege to share the three effective principles to experiencing lasting change.

Step 1: Raise Your Standard By Putting A Demand On Yourself Effective

A man who stands for nothing will fall for everything. Hardly has anyone experienced positive, lasting change without first raising his standard, without placing value on himself and demanding the very best of himself.

And without this nobody changes anything, whether of infinite or great significance.
The reason why many fall for everything, why they accept anything that comes their way and seems far off from achieving their goals is because they settle down for less; they compromise and tolerate what they should have given a rejection slip!


Until you raise your standard, until you put a stop from settling down for less and giving excuses, chances are that you will never change your life; you will never impact your generation.

When we read the life of iconic figures like Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr, Mahatma Gandi, Helen Keller, Rosa Park and many more whom have, despite the challenges of their decisions and time, raised their stand, placed some high value and demands upon themselves, we envied them.

We wish we were them Effective .

However, most often what we fail to realize is the fact that the same power that was at their disposal is also at our disposals; they are blessed with the same potential as much as ; they were able to tap from the inner resources and powers that was latent in them; and the same universe that work for them will work for use, also, only if we are ready and willing to change our life.

Step #2: Change Your Limiting Belief in Effective

Whether we realize it or not, we are all influenced by our beliefs, because we believe strongly in one thing or the other. Thus it is our negative belief system that limits us in life. Those with limiting belief becomes limited, those with empowering belief achieve the impossible!

Thus raising your standard without first uncapping your negative belief will do you little or no good. This attitude is anti-climax! It is like talking one step forward and two steps back. Your belief in anything is what gives you the conviction of what is possible or impossible. What will empower you to either try or give up on yourself.

If truly you want to tap from your inner capacity, learn to feed yourself with empowering belief, and not disempowering ones. It is your belief that will shape your life. Your destiny and everything in the mix! Your thought, feeling, and experience!

Therefore, if really you want to experience lasting change, change your belief!

If you raise your standard and you don’t believe that you can maintain it. Nno matter how hard you try you will land crash like deck of cards. But if you think you can you will, certainly. Only if you belief and raise your standard.

So your conviction, which is as a result of your belief, is paramount to any lasting change you desire to see in your life.

How convinced are you that you can lose that weight? That you can stop drug? That you can be faithful to your spouse? That you can be success in your attempt on what you set your mind to achieve?

To tap into your inner powers and resources, therefore, be certain of what you want in life; belief, stay focus & be committed to it.

Step #3: Use the Power of Effective Strategy of Effective

What is your strategy to achieving the change your desire? If really you desire real change you will need a strategy to attain it.

It has said that where there is a will there is a way the Effective .

To get your job done, therefore, you a strategy. To get results in your pursuit in life you need a strategy. To effective in what you do and what you will finally amount to you need a strategy. You know why?

Because effective strategy will make you achieve your goal more quickly. It would save you time, money and resources.

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