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Healthy Teeth

Everyone wants to protect their pearly whites and stave off tooth decay. Teeth are our toolbox, they help us to chew, eat, talk and smile. In order to keep them healthy, strong and dazzling as ever there are a few vital steps we must follow.

  1. Pay Attention to Brushing and Oral Hygiene

We all know the mantra that we have to brush our teeth at least twice daily. Once in the morning and once before bed for two minutes. This is your base routine to which you can add mouthwash, flossing or even invest in a swanky electric toothbrush. Whatever works for you and helps you to feel fresh and ready to go is best. Just so long as you don’t neglect your gnashers and give them a proper clean and polish. Don’t forget your tongue and gums too! Should you notice anything different, any persistent pain or bleeding do be sure to tell your dentist.

  1. See the Dentist Twice a Year

Although many dread the chair, a biyearly trip to your local dentist is a crucial in order to maintain good oral health. Try and always get in for the same slots with the same practice and dentist so that they can get to know you and your teeth well. That way they can give you specific recommendations and it will help you to feel more comfortable and relaxed. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice and always be honest that way they can assist you in the most effective way possible.

  1. Eat a Balanced Diet

We’re told as a child to not eat too much candy or our teeth will rot and fall out! Of course sugary, acidic foods play havoc with our mouths but it doesn’t mean we should cut them out altogether. It’s simply about having everything in moderation and paying close attention to our brushing routine after indulging in any treats.  Eating well with a variety of fruits, vegetables and other such vitamin rich food as well as a good amount of dairy and other food groups will work to keep us well. Calcium is known to keep up strength for teeth and bones too. Then, be sure to add plenty of crunchy food to your diet to work out your jaw!

  1. Have More Confidence

So, this isn’t a physical practice so to speak. Nonetheless, radiating confidence with plenty of smiles will make you feel mentally fantastic. Also, accept your teeth for how they are. Slightly tinged? A bit wonky? An overbite? As long as these factors don’t cause you any pain or discomfort you should embrace these little quirks and see that they make you, you!

All those smiles in photos, throwing your head back laughing, being goofy with kids, eating your favourite foods, chewing strawberry gum, feeling squeaky clean and minty fresh after using new mouthwash. They’re all the delights and wonders of having our very own set of teeth. We shouldn’t take them for granted and should look after them carefully but also, enjoy all the amazing things we can do with them! That’s the ultimate secret to having the healthiest teeth.

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