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4 Cockroach Facts to Haunt Your Dreams

4 Cockroach Facts to Haunt Your Dreams

You probably might have heard stories of cockroaches living without its head. Read some popular and weird Cockroach Facts.


Weird creepy crawlies are abundant in Australia. With how isolated the continent is, bugs of all kinds have evolved, adapted, and became masters of their domain, unaffected by any outside species to challenge them.

One of the most common pests in household and commercial spaces is the cockroach, and they are EVERYWHERE. 

There are 450(!) species of cockroaches in Australia, but luckily, only a few (American, German, and Australian) exist as pests and can be dealt with the help of a pest control team.

You probably might have heard stories of cockroaches living without its head or being able to survive a nuclear explosion (myth busted), but here are five interesting cockroach facts that will give you nightmares. Enjoy!

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They Can Squish Their Bodies and Squeeze Through Anything

You ever wondered how roaches easily survive stomping? Or how can they appear and disappear anytime they want?

It’s because these bugs can flatten their exoskeleton and splay their legs to the side, fitting into any crevice as tiny as three millimetres in height. This ability is also useful to avoid stomping. 

Their flexibility also allows them to withstand pressure 900 times their body weight! You’re going to need a powerful SWAT to kill these critters, and that’s probably why pest control uses safe chemicals and not boots to eliminate them.

They Can Make Group Decisions

These creatures are social animals, not because of Men in Black, but because they can communicate as a group.

In an experiment, 50 cockroaches were presented with three shelters, and these shelters can only house 40. The cockroaches then divided themselves into two groups of 25, and each group gathered in a shelter, leaving one empty. When all shelters were altered to fit more than 50 cockroaches, all of them gathered in one shelter. 

Either these cockroaches can’t divide 50 by three, or they love being in large groups to optimise feeding and breeding opportunities. You know which possibility to hope for.

For Every Cockroach You See in Your House, There Are Ten More That You Don’t See

It just got a little scarier here.

Because of the cockroach’s cryptic nature, we only see a little percentage of their entire group. And cockroaches being nocturnal means that you don’t get to see them when they’re most active.

As it turns out, one cockroach you see is the dumb one who is not that good at camouflage. Imagine what the nine other smart ones are capable of. 

In case you want to hunt them down on your own, cockroaches like to make nests in warm places like behind your fridge, cabinets, or TV sets. But it is highly suggested to let the pest control guys handle the infestation if you don’t want to have nightmares.

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Roaches Can Stay Pregnant as Long as They Want

Now, this is just morbid. Can you imagine being pregnant for life?

Three hundred million years of evolution has made it possible for female cockroaches to store the sperm for their life after only mating once. 

That means a single female cockroach can enter your cozy home and pop out her babies, causing an infestation on her own without any mate. 

So even if you kill these cockroaches one by one and eventually eliminate them from your home, one pregnant female cockroach can scurry in and make your life miserable all over again.

Get Professional Help

As you can see, a cockroach is eerily a combination of the Terminator and the Alien from the Alien movie, who learned democracy. It’s probably best to have pest control handle them rather than get your hands dirty only for them to pop out again.

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