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4 Hidden MacBook Tips and Tricks

Did you know that 10% of active personal computers are Macs? If you’ve got a MacBook, then you’re in the minority; albeit, a popular one!

Technology can be hard to grasp, and just as you think you’re getting the hang of it, another new thing pops up! So chances are, you’re not getting full use out of your MacBook.

To help you out, we’ll discuss 4 hidden MacBook tips everyone should know!

1. Make Your MacBook Read to You

Whether you’re having trouble reading small text or you’re busy multitasking, having an audio version of a document can be very convenient. Thankfully, your MacBook can read to you!

First, you’ll need to enable this feature by going to System Prefs, Accessibility, then Spoken Content. Now, you can highlight whatever text you want and then press å+œ. Your laptop will then read the selected text out loud to you!

2. Scan From Other Devices Into Your MacBook

This MacBook trick is possible thanks to Continuity Camera, which is available on Mojave and iOS 12. Basically, you can turn your iPhone, iPod Touch, and/or iPad into scanners!

Simply take a photo with one of these images and then add it to your Keynote presentation. You can also scan a document and put it into Pages. Other programs you can link up images to include Mail, Numbers, Finder, and Messages, as well as other third-party apps.

To make this work, all devices need to use the same Apple ID as your MacBook. You’ll also need Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to transfer the images. To get the pictures, select Import or Insert on your device.

3. Sign Documents

You can easily sign documents on your MacBook by using the trackpad, which means you won’t have to print out or scan anything.

Just open up the PDF in Preview and then click on the Markup icon. From there, click on the Signature icon and then Create Signature.

Now sign your name with the trackpad and you’ve just created a signature you can use for future documents too!

4. Find and Get Rid of Dupes in iPhoto

If you frequently use iPhoto to edit your photos, then you’ll know the pains of having several image duplicates clogging up your MacBook storage space. But thankfully, there’s a simple way to get rid of them.

Download a duplicate files finder and you can select which folders to scan. It’ll then find the duped iPhoto files and you can use Smart Cleanup to automatically get of all of them!

Give These MacBook Tips a Try

We’ve just given you some handy MacBook tips, which you should definitely try out. Not only will they make you feel more familiar with your laptop, but you’ll also save a lot of time.

And once you’ve gotten these MacBook tricks down, don’t stop learning. There are tons of other top MacBook tips out there that’ll have you working like a MacBook pro!

Want to learn more as a MacBook user? Then check out the rest of our blog page now!

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