5 Best Pieces of Advice to Small Business Owners



Year after year, a lot of people are unlocking the keys to small businesses’ success. From producing amazing products to creating a useful website equipped with advanced e-commerce functionality to connecting a strong customer based with help of innovative marketing plans to negotiating shipping discounts that are exclusive to enhancing customer experience. And the list continues!

However, there are still a lot of lessons you can consider from several successful small business owners. Want to strive for your small business success?

Establish a Support Network

Being a business owner can sometimes give you that isolating experience. This particularly true if you’re a solo business owner, it can lose your touch with other business owners.

It’s important that you stay networked in the bigger business community. Being with other business owners can help discuss problems and solutions. It can be challenging to set a time to network if you are busy with your business but if you get better at networking and expanding your contact, it can pay benefits in the future.

Get Lessons From Your Customers

As your business develops, it’s important that you listen to feedback from your customers. It’s easy to remove those negative feedback, but the truth is, those are constructive criticism that can benefit your business to improve more.

You also need to put value in listening and communicating with your customers. Nowadays, it’s not really that important to spend so much of your time reading your own product reviews and enhancing your products based on that feedback. You can never build a brand online if you are not repeating with every order of your product.

It’s not popular anymore to pay out huge amounts to raise brand awareness to market mediocre products. What you need to is to listen to your customers and improve your products so that your product ratings and sales get better. To build your brand, you must have great products with amazing service. Don’t forget to make a way of encouraging your customers to interact with you. Aside from that, consider buying business insurance to cover you from possible risks, damage to property, lawsuits, or other disputes. 

Provide the Best Experience Your Customer Won’t Forget

Do you have some favourite brands? What do you think is about them that keeps you loyal? We’re sure it’s the customer experience, right?

Customer experience is like a domino effect. If you’re doing a great service, you will notice an increase in positive brand awareness, more traffic, and loyal customers to your business. Small business owners should make this a priority. It’s important that as owners, you create an unforgettable experience for customers and go the extra mile. Remember those small efforts can go a long way.

Don’t Be Afraid of Your Bigger and More Well-Known Competitors

It can be a bit intimidating knowing that you’re fresh meat in an ambitious market. Take note that you’re launching new products into the market because it’s necessary for them. You need to be confident that you have something to offer that your competition is missing. Even if you’re a small business owner, you don’t need to be afraid to compete against companies that are more established and bigger than you. A lot of these companies are still unsure of shifting their business to change, opening that door opportunity for small businesses to win their customers and capture market share.  

If you want to get ahead of your competition, you must be confident to do some change such as doing an e-commerce solution. With the help of our advancing technology over the past ten years, commerce solutions and back-office systems are turning to be modern, smoother to integrate, and more user-friendly, allowing smaller businesses to span faster and compete with the bigger companies at a fragment of the cost. 

Be Honest and Authentic 

You don’t really need to follow the crowd. When you try to start your own business, you know that there’s something missing out there in the market. If you stay true to your fire and motive, you will be successful in communicating your real and organic message to your customers. Real success comes from originally made brands. So stay true to what you are and who you are. If you’ve achieved success along the way, it’s because there’s a reason behind it. You must consider that when you are faced with a decision to make in order for you to move forward. 

There are three important elements that a small business owner should take into account when making go to market strategies. 

1. Website as a tool. If you have products already, you must place them on a website that tells your story. Having a website will make it easier for people to learn about your business and for them to shop. 

2. Get customers’ feedback. Everything about your product, website, or customer service can be feedback and use it as part of your strategy.  

3. Marketing and email automation. Build your relationship stronger with current and potential customers by creating an email series and give them weekly updates. 

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