5 Business Books Every Businessman Should Read



Ever wondered why one organization or business does well and the other one fails? There are various things that you can infuse into your business’s ethos from the time of its inception which can help you to build the foundation of a long-lasting business. Business books by far are one of the best measures using which entrepreneurs can up their game. To start a healthy and thriving business it is important to make reading a part of your daily routine. You can consider reading business books at least once in a month or two to navigate better through the businesses and make sound decisions. However, the problem with this is that thousands of books release under the same level out of which it gets difficult to pick the best ones.

Out of the available options, the most outstanding books have been included in this article. Plus, if you cannot find time to buy and read their physical versions then you can get their online versions, and some of them are also available in an audio format. Take a look at the list below:

1. Made To Stick- 2007

This is a great business book that is equally preferable for the intermediate or experienced businessmen. The book has included various engaging topics in detail. The authors of the book provide some great tips on how to change the business shifts and how to change the communication between marketers and their companies. This book helps to develop a strategy where people can understand how to develop engaging and creative messages that adhere to the values of a business. The book also uses an acronym and has six different chapters that contain specific stories and examples to highlight the core concept of this book.

Features Of The Book

  • Culture
  • Business

2. Influence: The Psychology Of Persuasion- 2002

This is an international bestseller business book that has sold millions of copies globally. This book highlights the business persuasion and its influence on customers or people. It also helps to develop an understanding of the same practice in an ethical manner. This book helps readers to remain honest in their business approach and understand their attempts so that they do not get duped by business entities with wrong intentions. This book focuses on the six core principles of influence that also act as a roadmap for the businessmen to create reliable strategies.

Feature Of The Book

  • Collins publisher

3. Selling The Invisible: 1997

This book is a precise solution to modern business issues. It is a must-have for marketing professionals or businessmen as it can help them to act quickly when a situation arises. This book presents a clear idea and the best deal to address the persistent marketing barriers comprehensively. This book can also be kept as a handy reference if required. It is a perfect solution for the intermediate as well as the experienced businessman as it helps them to set up a business through its core. Each section of this book has engaging content and helpful essays that provide the necessary tricks to businessmen.

Feature Of The Book

  • Business Plus

4. How Brands Become Icons- 2004

Business professionals who are willing to take their business to the top level must consider reading this book. This book shows how businesses can go from a simple brand to a well-established icon. This book focuses on iconic brands and helps businessmen to understand global consciousness at the supreme level. The author represents various categories of the book at a certain height that can help individuals to better understand marketing plans and business strategies to follow. The book also focuses on topics that are relevant to business and actions worth consideration.

Feature Of This Book

  • Harvard Business School press

5. Tap: Unlocking The Mobile Economy- 2017

It is the latest edition on the list which is a perfect solution for marketing or advertising professionals. The major concept of this book highlights mobile technology in the 20th century and how it can ultimately benefit end-users or businesses. It also helps in understanding the reliable communication that can be made between a business and its potential customers. The advent of technology has been prioritized in this book which highlights the business requirements and better strategies to adapt.

Feature Of This Book

  • It is an adult product available in English

The Takeaway

Mentioned above are some of the best books that every businessman should give a read. They are also quick reads which are useful to develop an understanding of business. When it comes to formulating strategies for business of any kind, a proper understanding of the components and finance which form the core of the business is important. You can have a look at these books or refer to the ones that are available on coolthingschicago.com.

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