5 Top Hollywood Free Movies Apps Download To Watch Movies Online And Download

5 Top Hollywood Free Movies Apps Download To Watch Movies Online And Download

Here are the best hollywood free movies apps that allow you to watch and download movies. All for free, and all legally.

The streaming age is upon us. When it comes to going from movies and cable TV to the internet, some paid movie streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu have become very popular.

However, there are many free movie apps that allow you to watch and download movies. All for free, and all legally.

1. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is   a free movie app that offers a good collection of movies. The app gives you a wall of free movies, sorted by category, showing newcomers at the top.

Popcornflix contains exclusive content called Popcornflix Originals. The movies are of good quality and the streaming works smoothly. The film player may be outrageous, but feature-rich and clear. Popcornflix allows you to stream a TV series for free.

Download: Popcornflix

On PlayStation 4|iOS | Roku |Android |Amazon Kindle Fire | Xbox One (Free)

2. Tubi TV

Tubi TV has a list of free movies that are broadly ranked by genres in categories such as horror, romance and comedy. You can also browse through selected and most popular movies. Movies are high quality as long as they go and the film player works smoothly.

As a bonus, subtitles are available on all films. Logging in allows you to add movies to your queue, which is also available on devices and in the web version of Tubi TV. You also get the option of scratching.

Download: Tubi TV

On Android | iOS | Roku | Xbox One | PlayStation 4 | Amazon Kindle Fire (Free)

3. Sony Crackle

Sony Pictures is a big name in the film industry, and when it comes to watching movies for free online, Sony Crawl has lived up to its reputation. Sony Crackle has the best collection of free movies with a mix of old movies and new hit movies.

The film player works smoothly and is easy to use. Free movies are ad-supported, so you should watch some commercials. However, the ads are not very intrusive and seem like a reasonable price to pay for the content provided by Sony Crackle. Crackle lets you watch TV shows online for free.

Download: Sony Crackle

on Android | iOS | Roku | Xbox One | Windows | PlayStation 4 | Amazon Kindle Fire (Free)

4. Yidio

Yidio Video is a very convenient source for you to find movies. This free movie app comes with a twist: most of its free movies are not in the app. The Yidio shows you many other free movie apps that you can use to watch movies for free.

The catalog is huge, as the Yidio collects content from many other free movie apps. There is a significant shortage of listed movies and subscription movie apps. However, Yidio allows you to manage movies very efficiently, which means you can get thousands of free movies with a few tweaks.

Download: Yidio

on Android | iOS | Amazon Kindle Fire (Free, subscription available)

5. FilmRise

FilmRise offers a free movie and TV app experience that allows you to jump with limited ad interruptions. As with most movie apps, you can scroll through the category-heavy home‌screen when you launch it. If you want to find another way, the Browse button allows you to filter between movies, TV and recently added titles.

The search feature also provides a built-in trending list, from which you can see what others are looking at. While browsing, you can select any title and add it to your watchlist later. The only downside is that its list is mostly filled with old images, sometimes new titles are thrown into the mix.

Download: FilmRise

on Android | iOS |Amazon Kindle Fire  (Free)

Some Free Movie Apps Are Region Limited

When it comes to movies, it is important to remember that copyright is a major concern. This means that the applications in this list are available in a limited number of countries.

If none of these free movie apps are available in your country, you may want to consider using a  IPVanish VPN instead of side-loading apps from unreliable sources.

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