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6 Common Signs Your Dog Has Anxiety

6 Common Signs Your Dog Has Anxiety

If you are a pet lover, then you must be very couscous about your pet’s health. Read short guide about “Signs Your Dog Has Anxiety”


If you are a pet lover, then you must be very couscous about your pet’s health. There are several different signs that your dog has anxiety. You can learn more about these signs by checking out our guide here.

Did you know that your dog can get anxiety?

People often assume that mental health issues only affect humans, but there are easy ways to tell if your pet is anxious. In this post, we’re going to look at six common signs that your dog has anxiety. The sooner you can recognize it, the better you’ll be able to handle it.

Anxiety, stress, and nervousness in dogs are completely normal, but they can make dog ownership difficult. Let us help you and your dog with this guide.

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A Lot of Barking

Relentless barking might seem like a thing dogs typically do, but whether your dog is usually a barker or calm, it can be a sign of anxiety. There are many cases when l people wonder, “how can you know if your dog has anxiety?”

The answer could be found in how many times or how your dog barks when you’re gone.

Ask your neighbors to keep their ears open when you go out. Anxious dogs will bark non-stop until their owners return. Treating your dog’s separation anxiety is a challenging but rewarding process for dog owners.

Pacing Around

Like an anxious human, a dog may pace around when they’re nervous or stressed out. Of course, some dogs tend to pace around when they’ve got too much energy, so try taking him/her for a walk when you notice the pacing.

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Constant Whining

To discuss some common signs of anxiety includes chuffing and whining. It’s an easy way to tell that your pup isn’t feeling quite right. You may notice it during thunderstorms or when you’re getting ready to go out.

Mostly dogs whine when they’re afraid of something, but anxious dogs will do it when there doesn’t seem to be any cause for fear.

Look At Posture

Believe it or not, your dog’s posture is a telltale sign of how it’s feeling. Typically, healthy dogs distribute their weight evenly on all four legs, so if they’re shifting their importance to the hind legs for no reason, it could be a sign of pet anxiety.

A tucked tail will also tell you that something’s not quite right.

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Chewing Your Stuff

Since separation anxiety is the most common type of anxiety in dogs, it has the most obvious signs. In case when you went out for a solitary walk or any other business and after returning find a pillow or couch cushion thoroughly chewed up, your dog isn’t just out to get you. It doesn’t know what to do with all of that nervous energy, so it takes it out by chewing things.


Lastly, if you find your dog is trying to escape situations, whether through hiding or running, that’s a telltale sign of anxiety. This is the most challenging thing to deal with because your dog is putting itself in harm’s way.

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Meeting with a trainer can help quell this type of anxious behavior.

and find the best clinic for your pet

Even If Your Dog Has Anxiety…

In case your dog has anxiety, the first and most important thing is recognizing it. They aren’t acting out because they’re a “bad dog”; it’s much deeper than that. Understanding when your dog is getting anxious and putting the work into making your dog feel less anxious in those situations will go a long way.

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