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6 Lighting Tips For Your Event That Almost Every One need to Know

6 Lighting Tips For Your Event That Almost Every One need to Know | EPI EXPRESS

The lighting of an event is a pretty basic thing that might sometimes get neglected due to the other arrangements. The lighting of an event is more than just putting a spotlight on the performing artist. It is about creating a great ambience and a lot of other details. Good lighting with proper event lights is done in events to give the visitors a visual experience that will leave them in awe. 

If you are looking for some lighting tips to enhance the experience of your event and make it shine, you are certainly at the correct place. You can also use Tungsten metal because of its amazing benefits. We will further discuss six ways in which you can level up your lighting game for an event.

Ask Questions To Have All The Details

It does not matter if it is your event or you get hired for one, make sure you ask a bunch of questions about the occasion to be clear with all the details. Some common questions you can start with are given below:

  • You can ask them the type of occasion it is, to know whether it is an award ceremony, a wedding, or a formal gathering.
  • You can also ask about the venue of the event to know where the event will be hosted, like whether it is a hotel ballroom or a church.
  • Make sure to ask questions about the number of guests to have a clear idea about the total number of visitors.
  • You also ask them if they have any theme or color scheme in mind for the event.

One Should Create A Project Plan

Once you have all the details you need for the occasion, it’s time for you to come up with an extensive project plan. This step is also important. Try to include the budget for your client here, along with all the equipment that will be needed for the event.

One Should Highlight The High Traffic Spots

You can use your lighting plan to highlight places where you think people might go to spend most of their time. These can be the tables, buffets, and bars.

You Can Use LEDs For Lighting

The efficiency of LEDs is around ten times more than their almost identical tungsten ones. This means that you will get the same amount of brightness by consuming ten times less electricity. These will last a lot longer and take very little time to set up. This kind of lighting will surely enhance the beauty of the venue.

One Should Make Use Of Colored Lights

Using colored event lights for an occasion can make a good impact on the experience of the visitors. You can also implement colored lighting by lighting the walls and ceilings. However, too much of anything is not good, so keep in mind not to overdo the lights.

One Should Not Forget The Exterior 

You certainly want your guests to have a unique experience right from the moment they step out of their vehicle. Hence, one should keep outdoor lighting in mind. There are numerous outdoor lighting ideas, and you could also easily use some of the ones you used for the inside.


Event Lights  is a crucial part of any event. There are a lot of things to keep in mind while doing the perfect lighting for an event. We have discussed a few ways by which you can level up the lighting game for an event in this article, and we hope it has been helpful.

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