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6 Simple Proven Tips For Better Sleep

Good night sleep is considered the most valuable jewel for a person.

A sound sleep facilitates freshness and maximum productivity in the day. However, a disturbed sleep pattern can irritate and hinder your capacity to make the right decisions.
Research shows that a person should sleep atleast for 8 hrs per day. If you have a disrupted sleep pattern, this can take a severe toll on your health, upshot with obesity and an increased risk of heart diseases.

So sleeping better will induce and boost your personal and mental health which should be taken care of.

You must be wondering, are there any tips to sleep better? How do we do that? You need not worry, and we will answer all of these questions.

Here are 6 Proven Tips You Should Follow To Fall Asleep

Have not slept peacefully and adequately for months?

Don’t start thinking you have become an insomniac. Maybe the time has come for you to change your lifestyle about your sleep, so here are some tips to have a soothing and serene sleep.

1 – Sleep Early

It is rightly said that “be a Lark, rather than being a Night Owl” makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise. It is not just an idiom but also the truth.

If you sleep late every day, there are chances you will be losing on your daily 8 hours of sleep, also sleeping late disrupts your daily sleep cycle. Once you start bringing into practice, you will become habitual to it, and then it isn’t easy to go back to an early sleeping schedule.

So you must start sleeping early and rise early to keep your day more productive, active and fresh.

2 – Expose Yourself To Bright Light During Daytime

During the daytime, expose yourself to the bright sun and soak in all the Vitamin D.

Listen to your body clock; good light exposure during the daytime can keep your mood elevated and active.

But in the evening, follow the opposite: less exposure to light screens explicitly such as laptops, television, and mobile phones. Excess screen time at night can harm your sleep.

3 – Avoid Exposing Yourself To Screen Before Bedtime.

A lot of us have this terrible habit of checking our phones before going to bed.

The mobile screen emits harmful rays that damage your brain cells, make your eyes weak and hampers your ability to sleep, and also, once you start surfing on the internet, you tend to spend more time than usual and end up sleeping late at night.

To have a sound sleep, reduce your screen time, ditch your mobile phone at least for one hour before bedtime.

An excellent alternative to replacing your mobile phone is reading a novel or a book before bedtime. It will help you sleep better, and reading is always a great hobby that imparts knowledge.

4 – Listen To Soothing Music Before Bedtime. 

Music is everybody’s favourite, and it is the ultimate stress buster.

Listening to calm music before bedtime helps you sleep harmoniously that gives baggage of sweet dreams.

You can also try meditating to instrumental music before bedtime. That’s an excellent strategy that improves your concentration too.

5 – Have A Balanced Diet 

A balanced diet is not only crucial for your body but also to have a good sleep.

It is proven that having junk food like pizza, burgers in the night may not let you have a sound sleep at night.

Avoid caffeine and energy drinks, and they are very harmful to your health. It feels good to have them for the short term, but it drains your body of all the vitamins and can disrupt your daily sleep pattern for the long term.

So, it is suggested to have lots of fresh and seasonal fruits in your diet and include proteins in your diet.

6 – Consistency 

Discipline is an essential life value. Plan your day correctly and mainly your bedtime—preset your time to go to bed, and whenever you wish to wake up.

Your body will adapt to it slowly, and then after a tiring day, you will naturally start feeling sleepy around your bedtime.

You won’t require an alarm to wake you up, and you will be up in the morning all by yourself after a good 7-8 hours of sleep. For this lifestyle, consistency is the key.

So you don’t need to count chickens from 1 to 100, wondering when you will be able to sleep. Just keep these tips in mind to get a good night’s sleep.

In recent times after this outbreak, we can see a change in people’s behaviour looking for more comfort to stay healthy. Here comes a picture of investing money and time to buy the right mattress for undisturbed sleep.

There are many kinds such as Orthopedic Mattress, Memory Foam Mattress, etc., which is designed specially to resolve health-related issues.

According to research, these things are tried and tested, and they have proven to be helpful for many peeps.

So if you want to have a sweet and refreshing sleep, these tips are golden keys for you.

Good night, sleep tight!

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