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6 things to remember before going back home for Christmas

The end of 2022 is upon us, and with the uni term and freshers events coming to a close, it’s about time to start thinking about going back home for the Christmas period. 

Before you get too excited and start packing your bags, there are a few key things that you need to remember. Take a look at our top 6 tips to ensure you’re prepared to go home and celebrate!

1. Book your travel as early as possible

If you haven’t already got your travel planned and booked, we highly recommend you sort this out as soon as possible. 

Heading home on the train for Christmas? Yeah, you and everyone else! The earlier you book your tickets, the cheaper it’s going to be for you. Most ticket providers will let you book your tickets 12 weeks in advance, and doing so can save you up to 40%.

Regardless of your travel type, make sure you plan your dates in advance and try to travel during off-peak hours if you can. 

2. Get as much work done as possible

Doing your uni work over Christmas is a real drag, right? Well, top tip! Get as much of your work completed before you make the trip home. Start with your more priority work, i.e. the essays due first. That way, you can enjoy your turkey dinner without feeling the stress or the pressure of your workload on your shoulders. 

3. Switch gas and electricity off

Before heading home for the holidays, it’s important to turn everything off. This includes your appliances, heating, taps and plug sockets. This also means turning off the things that are usually on standby. It’s just best to unplug everything to be safe. 

You don’t want to be coming home to a massive utility bill or spend your Christmas break worrying that you’ve left the stove on!

4. Empty the fridge

This is the one that EVERYONE forgets, and we ALL regret it later! Do not forget to empty your fridge. 

There is nothing worse than coming home to milk that has turned to cheese and mouldy food stinking up your kitchen. 

If your food is still edible before you leave for Christmas, why not take it home with you so that it doesn’t go to waste? 

5. Don’t post about your empty home online

You may not have thought about this one, but it’s probably one of the most important tips to remember. Do not publicly announce that your house will be vacated. 

Student housing is a prime target for burglaries. Don’t make your home a target by publicising the fact that you’re not home. 

6. Lock up your uni house

Now, we’ve left the most important tip for last! 

Do not forget to lock up your house. This included all of your windows and all of your doors. If you live in shared accommodation, you need to ensure your room is secure and all your valuables are locked away. 

If you’re still worried about theft, take a look into student home insurance to get everything covered. 

So there you have it, guys. Our top 6 things to remember before going back home for the holidays. Use this as your checklist so you can enjoy the festive period with as little stress as possible. 

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