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7 Classic Jewelry Styles Every Woman Needs

7 Classic Jewelry Styles Every Woman Needs

No matter if a woman is a head-to-toe fashionista or opts for a more minimalist aesthetic, chances are, she wears jewelry. Jewelry is the cherry on top of any outfit, and many of us have favorite pieces we never take off. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or searching for the perfect piece for a woman in your life, there are classic styles any woman can appreciate. Keep reading for the jewelry styles every woman needs in her jewelry box. 

Delicate Chains 

While the preference for solid gold or sterling silver is personal, every woman needs a delicate chain in her collection. Some women prefer a pendant, while others like wearing a thin chain alone. With layered necklaces in vogue and not seeming to go anywhere, different lengths and styles, from Figaro to Cuban link, are solid investments for a women’s jewelry collection. 

Hoop Earrings 

One of the most iconic earring styles is hoop earrings. From oversized gold hoops that almost touch your neckline to huggies, hoop earrings for women are a must. They’re a go-to jewelry look complimenting every aesthetic, regardless of age or style. If you’re looking to add some bling to hoops, they come adorned with diamonds and other stones that will flash enough to be eye-catching while remaining traditional. 

Pearl Necklaces 

Phrases like “grandmother’s pearls” or “clutching my pearls” exist because the pearl necklace has been a symbol of beauty and status for over a hundred years. Pearl necklaces can be dressed up or down depending on the wearer’s outfit but always pull an outfit together. Pearls require more TLC than gold and silver, so if you opt for a pearl necklace, keep lotions and perfumes away, and don’t wear them on a day you may break a sweat. Pearls are a symbol of wisdom and experience, which makes them great graduation or wedding gifts. 

Gold Bangles 

One genre of jewelry that can easily get overlooked is the bracelet. Many people opt for the jewelry they never take off, which means they don’t need to give this part of their outfit a second thought. A solid gold bracelet can be left on for a lifetime and is a happy surprise poking out of a sleeve. Gold bangles can be thin and stacked on each other, or you can choose a statement-making thick bangle to wear alone. Investing in a 14k or higher gold bangle as a gift is a beautiful gesture, especially if you get it engraved. 

Diamond Stud Earrings 

Easily one of the most universally worn jewelry pieces, the diamond stud earring reigns supreme as a coveted jewelry piece. If you’ve always thought diamonds are outside your budget, consider opting for lab-grown diamond studs or even diamond simulants. No one will know the difference, as even jewelers can’t spot the difference without a specialized tool. Choosing a smaller stone (less than one carat) makes these an easy everyday item. Screw posts are necessary if you’re rocking the real thing to ensure they never fall out!

Statement Rings 

You may call statement rings Cocktail rings, and you may also wonder how statement and timeless fit in the same phrase, but when it comes to statement rings, they do. Owning at least one go-to oversized ring to dress up your outfit for special events is a must. Whether you opt for a colored stone like a ruby or emerald or a plain gold signet ring, a statement piece is essential. Looking to save money? Estate and second-hand jewelry dealers can source amazing pieces. If you want a statement piece you wear daily, consider a signet ring engraved with your initials or adorned with a diamond. 

Tennis Bracelets 

Tennis bracelets have been in style for decades and don’t seem to go anywhere. Tennis bracelets can come with stones or plain, but they’re designed to be daily wearers. The tennis bracelet is an heirloom style that can be passed down for generations and looks beautiful on every wrist, no matter the age or style of the woman wearing it. 

Whether you’re just starting your jewelry collection or looking to add pieces you know you can wear for a lifetime; the above styles are all worth finding. While jewelry is a significant investment, precious stones and metals only gain value over time, making them sound investments. These classic pieces are perennial treasures worth finding. Enjoy the hunt!


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