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7 Natural Skincare Routine Essentials for Winter

7 Natural Skincare Routine Essentials for Winter

The weather is getting colder, and the days shorter, so many of our routines need some tweaking, from taking immune-boosting supplements for cold and flu season to getting outside earlier in the day and even optimizing our skincare for drying winter weather. Taking care of our bodies in winter is different than in summer, and one of the first areas to update is your skincare routine. If you’re used to natural skin care products and want to know which areas to adjust, keep reading for all the natural skincare essentials to keep your complexion glowing through the New Year. 

Gentle Exfoliants 

The importance of exfoliating your skin cannot be overstated. We are constantly shedding dead skin cells, and safely removing them is a quick way to boost the radiance and glow of your skin. But, not all exfoliators are created equally. You may have grown up using abrasive scrubs to exfoliate your skin, but this isn’t necessary or recommended. Baking soda, oatmeal, and cinnamon are all found in most cupboards and can gently exfoliate the dry and dead skin on your face to reveal a smoother complexion. 

Vitamin C Powder 

We all know the benefits of Vitamin C for our immune system, fighting free radicals, promoting growth, and restoring the damage. Those last two benefits make a Vitamin C powder for face a crucial component of a natural skincare routine. These powders mix seamlessly into your existing serums and moisturizers and boost skin health by visibly brightening your skin, addressing issues like melasma and dark spots, and restoring overall skin health. 

Hydrating Masks 

Winter weather is notorious for zapping our skin (and hair) with crucial moisture. When we don’t keep our skin properly hydrated, our skin not only looks dull, but it shows fine lines and wrinkles, which age our appearance. Age with grace by ensuring you apply a weekly hydrating mask to keep your skin moisturized. You can opt for a natural product pre-made or DIY a face mask with nourishing foods like avocado, honey, milk, and aloe. Making your masks gives you complete control over the ingredients and can go as natural as you want. 

Daily Moisturizers 

Many people can forgo facial moisturizers in the summer months and can get by with a daily serum. With the biting cold and bustling winds of winter, we’re not so lucky. Ensure you use a moisturizer daily underneath any primers and makeup you apply. Opt for a moisturizer with as few ingredients as possible that suit your skin type. 

Facial Oils 

While facial oils are best applied at night unless you have incredibly dry skin, they can work wonders on your complexion while you catch up on your beauty slip. For a pure, one-ingredient oil, Rosehip oil is known to be incredibly hydrating and promotes a natural glow. Grapeseed oil is commonly used as a facial oil as well. Facial oils can feel slick and give your face an “oily” appearance, so again, they’re best applied at night at the end of your evening skincare routine. 

Sleep With a Humidifier 

This product isn’t applied to your face but can be a game-changer for dry, dull winter skin. Sleeping with a humidifier has benefits beyond your skin health; it’s great for breathing issues that are common in the winter, and it’s also great for your hair health. When it comes to your skin’s appearance, humidifiers help restore the moisture in the air that dry winter weather or heating systems in your home diminish. 

Don’t Skip Sunscreen 

The last thing to remember during the winter is even though the sun isn’t shining the same way it does in the spring and summer, you still can’t skip your sunscreen. SPF is meant to be worn year-round! If you don’t want to add another step to your routine, look for natural, tinted moisturizers that contain SPF. You’ll still be protecting your skin from sun damage, preventing wrinkles, and reducing your chance of developing skin cancer. 

Taking care of your skin during the winter requires reworking your typical skincare routine, but the benefits are well known, and the effort pays itself in spades with a glowing and beautiful complexion. Include the above items in your natural skincare routine, and you’ll see the difference. Now, get glowing!


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