7 Tips You Should Remember To Stay Safe While Shopping Online

7 Tips You Should Remember To Stay Safe While Shopping Online

The world has been taken by the roar since the time online shopping has come into the picture. The ease and the convenience that online shopping web sites offer, nowadays, has somewhat shifted the mindset of the people from shopping offline to shopping online. And why not? From a variety of different kinds of products, being made available online just a click away to getting our gifts delivered at our doorstep with efficient online gift delivery all across the nation, online shopping is winning the hearts of all.  But here are a few tips that you should remember to stay safe while shopping online as there might be many fraudulent stores online which might end up sending you some hoax products or steal your copayment related details away. So beware and keep these tips in mind.

1. Use A Secure Payment Method

While shopping online use a payment gateway which is secure. Like using a credit card or PayPal instead of paying for your purchase with a debit card or online check. These are said to lesser chances of liability if there are fraudulent charges from a purchase. Also, try not to store your card details over the website after making the payment. In case of an account hack of the company’s data breach hackers won’t be able to steal your information from there, then.  

2. Shop From A Secure Website

Now the question is how will you know that a website is a secure one, right? Here’s your answer – shop from a website whose URL starts with something like “https://”. You may also look for the website badge “Secure and Verified.” If there is a mismatched flag badge appearing on the screen then it would mean a warning flag and would mean that you shouldn’t be shopping from that site, anything even a small piece of decor item like Laxmi Ganesh murti even. 

3. Keep A Check On Your Bank Statements Regularly

Watch out for the debit transactions, see whether the merchant has charged you properly or not. Report if any additional deductions have been made by lodging a complaint to the online website where you have shopped from. 

4. Don’t Use A Public WiFi To Shop For Anything Online

Public wifi is a free passage for all the hackers and the fraudulent firms. Hence avoid. As public wifis are never password protected it increases the risk of important payment related details getting leaked very easily. 

5. Shop From Personal Devices By Installing the latest software

Devices like personal phones and computers can be easily protected by downloading some software which would provide us with an update the minute it faces some security threats. So that you can rest assured while shopping online happily. 

6. Have A Strong Password Set

Set a complex password set for all your accounts. Have a combination of some upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

7. Study About The Website A Bit And Then Shop From It

Heard of online crimes like phishing? Well, some of the fraud firms send your emails to get hold of your personal and account-related information. Or they even call to offer you some tempting holiday packages to some exotic destination all free of cost. Don’t fall in their trap and share your personal information with them.

So, the next time you shop online be vigilant and then shop to your heart’s delight. Be an aware customer of the nation!

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