8 ways to improve your Office Security



Despite the fact that you are running a highly scalable and efficient business, you can’t get around the fact that office security is a crucial aspect in business and should not be discarded on hunches or beliefs that everything is alright or there won’t be a critical scene in the future. Intellectual property theft, criminal breaking and entering, employee theft, and a dozen other critical elements can have a bad impact on the very definition of security you have for your office.

Under such misconduct there is no way that your staff will feel safe let alone off their guard to focus on work, it is not a feasible work environment to be a part of. That is why, as the owner of the office or executive it is your duty to make sure that your office has dedicated security implementations and that there are no integrated risks of a physical or intellectual security breach at your office, to begin with. With the help of 247locksmiths.io we have gathered the most important things that you can bring into account for the sake of improving the overall security of your office:

  1. Verified alarm system

To tackle criminal breaking and entering and theft, the first thing that you need to do is to install a verified alarm system. Doing so will definitely keep those criminals at bay, but unfortunately, if there is some chance that a criminal tries to break into the office then the alarms will go off and with immediate police response the culprits can easily be caught.

  • Integrated security system

There are various integrated security systems that you can install at your office, these not only work for the criminals but can also keep an eye on your employees. Some of these are; SonaVision, Central monitoring, and CCTV. All of these are customizable and you can use them as per your own discretion.

  • Employee screening policy

This is also an important step and the one that is going to make sure that you only hire people that don’t have any ethical or moral issues. This  Employee screening policy allows the employers to take a peek into the early life history of the employee thus bringing forth any criminal charges they might have or something more illegal that they were a part of in their past.

  • Employee access control

You can plan on implementing a managed access control system with a keyless entry, this way you will have an elaborative view of who is entering and who is leaving. You will be able to track the movement of each and every one. It will also allow you to disable the access if the employee has lost their entry card or are no longer part of the company.

  • Employee training

Creating awareness regarding workplace security and indulging your employees to have some training in that stead is profanely one of the best things to go with. Teach them how to deal with confidential data, teach them about your companies security policy and take care of each other, and respecting each other’s privacy.     

  • Secure your workstations

Another important thing that might make sure that your office is virtually safe is to secure the workstations. Make sure that those that are not being actively used are completely locked away and the dedicated paperwork is in the proper filing cabinet, also do make use of a locked box for the paperwork that is waiting to be shredded.

  • Disable the use of drives

Make sure that you restrict the use of external drives and make it a policy that the essential company data can never be copied or taken outside by any employee by using a USB or any other mass storage media.

  • Lock up the server room

Use an access control management system so that you can manage the volume of access that is provided to the employees regarding the server room. Instill a heavy-duty security clearance for anyone who is to have access to the server room facility. Also, make sure that the information of every person leaving or entering the server room is properly logged using digital means.

These are some of the best and most critical implementations that you can do for the sake of increasing or improving the overall security of your office and make the environment more secure and efficient than it ever was.         

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