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A bassist, musician, actor, and what not? Meet the multi-talented John Sharkey

Musicians have always been part of the world since the beginning of time. This dynamic created an industry where all musicians of diverse backgrounds show off their talent. The musicians working in this industry have experienced many unpredictable circumstances that have made and sometimes broken them. The sector has old faces but also new talent who is slowly putting their mark. Making it one of the most significant industries to exist-that is why thousands of individuals want to join it. The music industry is full of talent, and as time goes by, we see many new developments and skilled individuals making their name.

It was a thing of the past when becoming a musician was the most challenging thing; you had to audition several times to get into events, perform with an artist or become a band member.But with evolution, it has become straightforward; all you have to do is, make a video of yourself singing or covering a song and upload it on the internet. This shift in time has provided an opportunity for anybody who wants to demonstrate their abilities.

We have seen a lot of new talent in the business that can become a big thing because of executing their talent on TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram. People become addicted to a song when they listen to an original sound. The original sound can only be made after putting in the effort for soulful words such as lyrics and new sounds to attract the audience.A good song is not the only effort of a good singer or an instrumental player; it is the effort of the different musicians that makes the song reign in the people’s hearts and on the charts.

The song is the collective work of creative musicians bonded by one thing: the Bass Player. Several successful bassists have been on the music scene for a long time. But no one is like John Sharkey. H has been making waves in the music world with his bass skills. Let’s have a look at his profile from the very start.

Who is John Francis Sharkey?

As a musician and guitarist

John is the band Circus of Power bassist and was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Ray Sharkey Sr. and Adis Chavez gave birth to John in Brooklyn, New York. He went to Bishop Ford Central Catholic High School and Fort Hamilton. He started into music right after graduating because of his bass ability, which has gained him recognition ever since.

Circus of Power was founded in 1985 and quickly gained popularity owing to its distinctive music. Unfortunately, they split in 1995, which disappointed their fans. Even then, no one could stop them from listening to and hooking up to the band’s old songs, which they thoroughly appreciated. Fortunately, they reconnected in 2014. They have released four studio albums and three EPs since beginning their musical career.

As An Actor

John is a multitalented man who is an outstanding bassist and a fantastic actor and composer who appeared in an indie film for KeramMalcki Sanchez. He also works as a bassist for Karen Iris and 9th Street Bodega.

He has also appeared in Circus of Power: Fast and Easy (2017) and Circus of Power Feat. Circus of Power: Princess of Mars (2017) and Jyrki 69: American Monster (2017) (2018).

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