A Comparison Between Moissanite & Diamond

Not only decades but for hundreds of years, the engagements rings are in fashion, and it’s the sign of love the couples wear for each other on their ring fingers. It is not specified for any of the regions or a place; it’s a worldwide trend at the moment and will always be. 

From around two centuries back, diamonds have been used in the rings whereas, it is super expensive to buy. However, still, after its discovery, they have maximized its availability all around the world.

Now, let’s talk about some of the types of diamond; as we have Cubic Zirconia, you can call it CZ, it was invented nearly in 1970. It was the first piece of rock after diamond in the market that looked exactly like a diamond. The craze was terrific after this because of its appearance. 

After testing, many jewelers realized that it was inaccurate and declared it a “fake” rock piece. Also, it was not considered a natural gemstone, and without any authentications, users cannot use it for a longer time.  

Now, moving on to the Moissanite, as we know that Cubic is a casual gemstone, whereas Moissanite surpasses diamond. It does not only look like a diamond but is an excellent competition for the diamond. Starting from its appearance, it goes for all the qualities. Moissanite is breath-taking for its brilliance, resistance, hardness, fire, and luster. 

And most importantly, you can have the Moissanite at a very reasonable price, whereas having a diamond is a lot of times expensive than it.

In optical properties, Moissanite has more and extensive brilliance and beauty while comparing it to diamond. After a complete analysis, Moissanite has more resistance, and hardness is comparatively low than the diamond. But the exciting part is that it lasts for life long without even a single change in its luster.

Isn’t it is unique?

Overall, Moissanite is the second hardest piece of rock on this planet, right after diamond. When it comes to durability, we have analyzed by the process of manufacturing where Moissanite is more vital to resist heat. In contrast, the diamond could fluctuate a bit of its brilliance while making jewelry through it.

Similar to clarity and cut, Moissanite has a consistent and right amount of this quality, whereas the diamonds come widely. Most of you might have some misconceptions regarding Moissanite color so let this thing clear that they are ultimately colorless with a bundle of eye-catchy shine on them.

Overall, other than the worldwide ranking, there isn’t any significant difference between Moissanite and diamonds. Still, the fact is that you can have Moissanite at very reasonable prices than diamonds. I hope comparing moissanite to diamond should be cleared enough. 

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