A Complete Building Inspection Guide For Every Buyer

Whether you are renting a house or buying a new house, the building inspection of that house is very important. You are going to do a big investment in the house so it is not good to rely on the statement of the current owner.

You should do the inspection of the complete house yourself, and to be on the safer side, if you can afford you should hire one of the best buildings inspection team around you. They have all the required equipment and the knowledge to find any possible problems in the structure of the building during their inspection work.

Here are some key points that every buyer should know and should consider while buying a new house.

Check the Electrical Circuits

Normally when you go to inspect a house, you don’t have an idea that there might be some problems in the electrical circuit or in the wiring of the house. Bad wiring could create great damages if not repaired on time.

Look for all the electrical circuits, switches, and boards and turn them on and off two or three times to check if they are working properly.

Check Doors and Windows

Check all the doors and windows by closing and opening slowly. Try to hear any noise while opening or closing the door and the windows. If there is something broken in the joints, you will hear a noise.

Check the door locks as well and don’t hesitate to ask for the keys to check the door locks. If they are using digital door locks, then ask for the code as well to test if they are working fine and to check that the owner remembers all the lock codes and you won’t need help from a locksmith.

Check For Plumbing Leaks

Every house has plumbing issues sooner or later, so when inspecting the house, don’t ignore the plumbing issues in the bathroom, kitchen, basement, swimming pool, and even on the top of the roof.

Check if the current owner has taken great maintenance of water tanks. Look if there is any damp surface around the water tank? If you find a damp surface around it, it’s a clear sign of a water tank leak.

Check Outdoor and Roofing

If you have access to a ladder then you must check the roofing as well for any missing or broken tiles. The faded colors of the concrete tiles or rust patches on the tin indicate that the roofing has some serious problems that need to be fixed.

In the outdoor surroundings of the house, check the entrance door, fences in the garden, rough tiles, deck, and other areas that need your attention. Check the downpipes, gutters, or any other plumbing issues on the outer side of the house.

Check for Decorated Hidden Problems

There might be some more problems in the house that are behind the decorated items. Like if the house has some DIY crafts on the walls or other places, look behind the crafts, it might be a problem that is covered with the DIY crafted items.

On the floor, look for the beautiful rugs that might be there to hide missing or broken tiles. Lift the rugs and check if everything is okay there.

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