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A Guide to the Types of Patches Throughout History

Patches have been a part of human history for thousands of years. But where did they come from? And how do we use them today?

So, don’t just stick to patchwork. Read on to learn about the different types of patches used throughout history.

The Beginnings of Patches In History

Different types of patches have been used since early on in human history. Embroidered patches, for example, are thought to have been first used in China in the 3rd Century BC. These were used to fix clothing.

Unfortunately, because of the usefulness of patches, they became a symbol of poverty in some cultures. Patches were a sign that you couldn’t afford to fix your clothes, so it became a big deal in early English cultures.

Eventually, patches were used in some ways so that different groups could identify each other. Patches on different uniforms help military groups identify each other. They were also used within certain communities to signify what people identified with.

Patches and Counterculture

Patches really became a major part of our clothing industry with the rise of counterculture. In the 1970s, hippies started adding patches to their everyday attire.

In the 1990s, punk and grunge enthusiasts used patches to signal their enthusiasm for subverting the class structure and continuing to overthrow normal societal values.

Patches also became a symbol of rebellion. Patches with slogans or imagery that support particular causes became all the rage, like pro-LGBTQ rights or anti-animal abuse patches.

Patches also became more commonly used on sports paraphernalia as the years went on, bringing them out of the counterculture and more into the mainstream. That’s part of why patches are still a popular fashion choice in today’s world.

The Use of Patches Today

Today, we still use patches to customize our clothing or to fix it when there are rips. You can use them on accessories, on your bags, on jeans, and even on your jackets. Even high-fashion brands have begun adding patches to their catwalk looks.

Are you interested in incorporating patches into your style? Learn about attaching patches to your clothes so that you don’t have any problems. Just make sure you know exactly what you want to do before you make any permanent alterations.

You can color-code your patches, so that they suit the item of clothing that they’re affixed to. Or, you can create a patch mural on your backpack or on the back of your oldest, best jean jacket. It all depends on what you want to do with your patches, and what your general style is.

Types of Patches: Now You Know

Clearly, the different types of patches we’ve used have a rich history. So, consider if you want to pay homage to the past with your current wardrobe.

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