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A technically nimble and visually formal photographer; Introducing Stefano Azario

As a photographer, your career is about getting inspiration from places, people, and things and the ideas around them. Once you get inspiration, you can click the shutter on that scene or subject to capture a moment in time. The subject could be anything from the light falling on a scene to the look in someone’s eyes. It can be a combination of a lens choice and a situation. Or maybe a model posing for you.

Photography is a diverse profession where you can learn and teach many things. To make the best out of this profession, all you know is to master the craft of commanding your camera and capturing different subjects. Many photographs have changed the way we see the world through pictures. One such photographer is Stefano Azario, an Italian photographer.

Formally known for his exquisite and immaculate photography, Stefano Azario, a “Lifelong professional amateur of the photograph,” is one the best-known commercial photographers of children and babies today. He is an audacious photographer dedicated to his craft. His photographs are heartfelt; he put in 45 years of experience from age 11 and is counting on more.

Where did it all begin?

To make sense of the world around him at the age of 11, after his father died, he picked up his first camera. He got his BA (Hons) in Photo, Film, and TV to learn more about photography professionally from the London College of Printing.

The turning point of his career was when Vogue Bambini started to commission him regularly, and the relationship lasted until the magazine’s demise in 2018. Vogue even dedicated an issue to Stefano’s photography. He has also worked with Gap Kids and Baby Gap, for whom he uninterruptedly contributed to global advertising campaigns for over 25 years.

In his extensive career, Azario has worked with major publications and advertising agencies worldwide and globally known brands like Benetton, Uniqlo, and Armani. A testament to his success is his relationships with brands and magazines.

He has won numerous awards, including the 2021 Documentary Family Awards, Judges’ choice and the 2010 Communication Arts Award Winner Fashion Editorial.

What makes his photography different?

In his photography, Azario tries to stay natural and capture photographs from the heart. Whether accessing his intimate and tender vision of children and babies or making street portraits, Azario can be nimble in his working ways. He enjoys a whole gamut of different cameras, films, and technology as changing tools to constantly challenge his way of seeing.

Transitioning his photography skills

Azario is transitioning his well-established commercial advertising photography career into reportage, documentary, and fine art projects. His last exhibition, “In cerca della retta via,” was carried out with the patronage of the Ministero Italiano della Cultura as part of the Lunigiana Land Art festival in 2022. Apart from doing new photography, he has also taught High School photography class while in Indonesia. He has mentored young photographers to help them become the best versions of themselves because he learns from it as much as they do from him.

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