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About Compounding Pharmacies Frequently Asked Questions

About Compounding Pharmacies Frequently Asked Questions

If you are facing the neto use a compounding pharmacy for the first time, there’s little doubt that you have questions. About Compounding pharmacies are available, but they are not commonly usby most patients. Here are the most frequently askquestions about these pharmacies.

What Is a Compounding Pharmacy?

In essence, this type of pharmacy is one that customizes medications that are not commercially available. Medications are prescribby a physician, veterinarian, or other medical provider. The medications are then compounded, or put together, by a state-licenspharmacist. These pharmacies are typically utilizfor people and animals that have unique health concerns that commercially available medications cannot address.

Are These Types Of Medications Safe?

You must understand that compoundmedications are off-label. This means that the FDA does not approve them. That said, compoundmedications are considersafe when put together and sold by reputable pharmacists. Before you order or ask for a compoundmedication, ask your doctor to recommend a pharmacist or pharmacy. Not all professionals are skillin the art of compounding medications.

Why Do I NeThis Medication?

There are a variety of reasons why you may nea compoundmedication. For example, if your pain management drug is difficult for you to swallow, your pharmacist may suggest a liquid or transdermal version. If you are experiencing sensitivity to an ingredient in your hormone replacement, your doctor may have a medication compoundwithout that particular ingredient.

Compoundpharmacies also make medications for veterinary patients. Often, flavoring is addor liquid is made in order to increase palatability for a pet.

Where Do Medication Ingredients Come From?

The ingredients that are put into compoundmedications come from the same suppliers as the big pharmaceutical companies. These companies are inspectand regulatby the FDA. The ingredients in your compoundmedications are considersafe for consumption.

Who Regulates These Pharmacies?

Just like typical pharmacies, compoundpharmacies and pharmacists are licensat the state level. There is also an entity known as the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) that has developnational standards that compounding pharmacies must follow.

Does the FDA Inspect Compounding Pharmacies?

The FDA does not inspect compounding pharmacies, but this should not dissuade you from making use of their services. The FDA does not inspect typical pharmacies. The regulation of pharmacies and pharmacists has always been handlby individual states. The FDA does, as has been stated, inspect and regulate the facilities that produce the ingredients that go into these medications.

Compounding pharmacies are on the rise as people become more aware of them. Up until the 20th century, all pharmacies were of the compounding type. It wasn’t until just a century ago that the pharmacies we are usto seeing today arose. If your doctor suggests a compoundmedication, you can feel safe in taking it. Follow the same safety protocols as you would with a typical medication, and speak with your doctor should you experience any adverse events.

Emad Yousef is the owner of Trinity Pharmacy. At Trinity Pharmacy, we specialize in compounding customizmedications to meet your specific needs, whatever those needs may be. Whether you are in neof quality pain management, customizhormone replacement therapy, dental compounding, or special vet medications for your pets, we have the skill, equipment, and experience requirto ensure you get just what the doctor ordered.

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