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Accusing Belarus of trying to create a migrant crisis

Western officials say that President Aleksandr G. They say he is retaliating against sanctions imposed after his disputed 2020 election victory. The sharp increase in tensions has rattled European officials, with images of desperate migrants evoking the refugee crisis of 2015.

Is Belarus using migrants to put pressure on the EU?

Poland blocks hundreds of migrants, refugees at Belarus border

Are the EU and Belarus playing politics with refugees?

Poland nearly doubles troop numbers on Belarus border

On Monday, the situation escalated as hundreds of people headed towards the Polish border near Kuznica village. Some tried to breach a barbed-wire fence using spades and other tools.

Poland deployed additional soldiers, border guards and police, preventing refugees and migrants from forcing their way across the frontier.

Polish President Andrzej Duda on Tuesday accused Lukashenko’s government of attacking the border and the EU in an unparalleled manner .

Humanitarian groups say they’re lacking food and medicine, he added.

Minsk-Moscow discussions

Lukashenko’s press office said he discussed Poland’s harsh actions towards peaceful people with Putin.

Lavrov said the EU could do the same with Belarus.

In total, an estimated 4,000 migrants and refugees have gathered near the border and in nearby forests.

Marta Gorczynska, a human rights lawyer who is in contact with some of the stranded migrants and refugees, said the situation was only getting worse .

Warsaw has warned the crisis, which Minsk denies engineering, may be about to worsen.

Belarus’s leader Alexander Lukashenko denies orchestrating the problem.

Migrants have described how Belarusian authorities seized their phones and pushed them towards the border fence. Overnight temperatures at the border have slumped below zero and several people have already died in recent weeks.

Nobody is letting us get in anywhere, Belarus or Poland, 33-year-old Shwan Kurd from Iraq told the BBC by video-call.

There’s no way to escape, he said. Poland won’t let us in. Every night they fly helicopters. They don’t let us sleep. There’s no water or food here. There are little children, old men and women, and families.

Poland has deployed extra troops after desperate crowds tried to cut the border fence on Monday.

The EU, Nato and the US all say Belarus is orchestrating the problem. Brussels accuses Belarus’s disputed leader, Mr Lukashenko, of provoking the influx in retaliation against EU sanctions.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki visited troops on the border early on Tuesday

Belarus insists the migrants are arriving legally there and that it is merely acting as a hospitable country.

Russia has praised its ally’s responsible handling of the border row and said it is watching the situation closely.

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It means independently verifying what’s happening in this escalating migrant crisis is difficult, he says.

Polish troops and border guards with shields stop migrants from crossing into the country

Polish troops and border guards with shields stopped migrants from crossing into the country
The European Commission is now looking to extend sanctions to include third-country airlines involved in flying migrants to Belarus.

Germany on Tuesday urged the EU to take action to help Poland secure its borders.

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