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Advise children to be careful when using mobile phones

Advise children to be careful when using mobile phones

During the Corona epidemic, 6 percent of school children became addicted to mobile phones and gazettes.

This has led to increased headaches, visual complications and mental problems. This information has come up in the research of researchers of seven institutes of the country.

Mobile phone and gazette addiction has increased among school children in the country in the last one year. Due to this, seven institutions of the country conducted a study on 1,600 students in 21 districts from June to December last year during the Corona epidemic.

The study found that 8 percent of students spend 2 to 4 hours

a day on mobile phones. Nine percent of students spend most of the day on computer screens and eight percent on tabs. Eighty percent of the country’s students did not get any physical work or sports leave in 2020 and 50 percent of them did not get any physical activity outside the home at all. Only 25 percent of students use the gazette for regular online classes. Forty percent of students watch cartoons, dramas and movies, 28 percent use social media and 16 percent use gadgets to play games.

Head of the Department of Diabetes and Hormone Diseases. Farhana Akhter said that out of 1830 samples, only 8% were children but they were addicted to it. Of these, 8 percent of students used smartphones, 9 percent used computers and 8 percent used tabs. Those who earn more money in their family use gazette more. And it is more useful for the children of those whose parents are more educated.


Before the onset of the Corona epidemic

, the main physical problems of the students were diarrhea, itching, abdominal pain, fever and runny nose. Headaches, vision complications, sleep problems, depression and irritable mood and fever have been the most common in the last one and a half years. Researchers believe that this condition is due to house arrest and excessive addiction to gazette.

Teacher of the Department of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology – Chief Superintendent. SM Mahbubur Rashid said that during the Corona epidemic, headaches, vision complications, sleep problems, depression and irritable mood and fever were most prevalent, which was not felt in any way in previous years. We think that this extravagant process has started because of the extra addiction to the gazette as well as the lack of opportunity in physical activities. If this problem is long term then it will become a cause of fear for our country.

Failure to reduce gazette dependence by increasing physical activity

for children can have an adverse effect in the long run. Therefore, there is no alternative to various initiatives in the family to reduce the gazette addiction of children, said the doctor. Farhana Akter.

He added that all parents should reduce their children’s gazette addiction, increase physical activity and eat a balanced diet. School teachers have a role to play in this. In Corona, children have classes online, so they also know how long the children have been online. And since children listen to teachers, they also have an important role to play. According to the American Academic Pediatric Online Screen Guidelines, it is not advisable to have more than two hours of screen time. And kids under the age of two can’t stay fully on screen.

The highest use of mobiles and gadgets has been seen among English medium students. The least observed, among students of madrasas and small ethnic groups.

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