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Agata Dominika attributes all of her success to her tenacity and the effort that she puts forth

Feeling left behind and lacking the vigor of others around you, does this describe you at all? You may have been envious of someone’s seeming ease in pursuing new opportunities and questioned how they manage to do so much more than you. If this is the case, you could benefit from increasing your level of resolve. But before we go into it, what exactly is tenacity?

Being tenacious calls for a great deal of drive and enthusiasm, qualities that may be cultivated via exposure to many situations. When cleaning, you can use a methodical approach. You may utilize your downtime to plan for the future professionally, whether that means getting ahead of the curve on a new project or just being more efficient in your current role. To be tenacious, one need not be the fastest person in the room or the loudest participant. Giving yourself the space and time to retreat into the shadows when you need to may help you regain your composure and your sense of agency.

Getting out of bed every day is a testament to your unwavering will. Even if you haven’t pinpointed what it is exactly yet, you possess an innate creative spark. If you focus on being a more determined person, you may utilize this trait to your advantage, just as Agata Dominika, a successful mental health counselor, was able to benefit from tenacity. In the following paragraphs, we will discover why Agata considers tenacity and hard work essential components of her success.


Eliminating one’s safe space and forcing oneself to grow

Agata was well aware that one of the most important aspects of being a tenacious person is going above and above in terms of one’s level of preparedness. In all of her years working as a mental health counselor, she never missed a deadline because she always took the time to plan out her strategy beforehand. On some days, she had to get up earlier or remain at work later in order to ensure that she could produce her best possible job. Her decision to put in this additional effort enabled her to stand out from the crowd, and it allowed her to pursue further chances, which ultimately led to her being a celebrity counselor.


Forward-looking; always!

The individual who does not let life simply pass them by is not as tenacious as the one who does have tremendous tenacity. This is the key differentiator between the two types of people. When Agata realized that she was dwelling too much on the past, she gave serious thought to the possibility of adjusting her frame of mind. However, this was extremely vital for her since she herself had worked as a mental health counselor, and she could not allow memories from the past to become obstacles in her path.

Agata saw that she needed to pay attention to the here and now in order to be a more determined person. She consistently focused all of her efforts on what was to come in the future. She allowed herself to let go of any feelings of hatred she may have had and instead focused on how she wanted her future to look. She motivates herself at the start of each new day by telling herself that the day before is a chance to do whatever she puts her heart on and to think about what may be next for her career as a mental health counselor.

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