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All students must return to school – but how

All students must return to school

In magazines, talk shows, webinars, is there as much talk about girls ‘non-return to school as there is talk about boys’ non-return? It is important for the girls to return immediately. The number of boys who have not returned is not small. Many of them are on paper but not in reality.

In Dhaka, small-scale grocery stores in the ‘almost abandoned’ garages of houses awaiting transfer are gradually disappearing. Surviving four times in 10 years in our neighborhood, a low-income shopkeeper, his son had just finished eighth grade in a village school in 2020.

The class was not like that. Barely got the book in hand. When his education deteriorated due to Corona’s situation, his father brought him to Dhaka. The shop’s paid child worker lost his job. The school where the shopkeeper’s child used to study for two hours at an NGO in a nearby slum was also closed due to fear of corona or lack of money.

Why aren’t the girls coming back?

Since the opening of the school, the number of girls returning to lower secondary, secondary, higher secondary, and even primary has been very low.

There is no dispute about the fact that not everyone has returned even though there are different types of villages and towns. However, the director-general of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education (Maushi) continues, ‘The dropout rate is not high, as low as it is. Everyone will return day by day. ‘

We know that many girls, like boys, have dropped out of school and gone to work; Apart from that, there is child marriage.

Why premature marriage even in the district of highly educated people Narayanpur Popular High School headmaster. However, it is true that some students have dropped out due to child marriage. ‘

Rangpur, Kurigram, Gaibandha, Lalmonirhat, Nilphamari do not have ‘hunger, stomach problems’; In Brahmanbaria, Matlab, Hajiganj, Chandpur, Comilla, Homna, Shahrasti, there is less ‘hunger pressure’, there is more education, why there is a rush of child marriage? It is difficult to find an acceptable answer to this question without weighty and participatory research.

However, the imam of a mosque in Chandpur heard everything and answered this question with his knowledge and experience. According to him, the problem is not the stomach, but the brain. His argument is irrefutable, even if it is a little kind. After 18 years, the demand for cash continues to increase. These are nothing new. So what is the reason for child marriage in groups? Imam Sahib’s simple answer, the ‘supply, and demand’ policy of the economy has worked here.

Young people from these growing regions are not only in the Middle East but also in Europe and America due to their advancement in education.

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