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Although London is Known For Its Infamous City Lifestyle

Although London is Known For Its Infamous City Lifestyle

Although London is known for its infamous city lifestyle, there are still a few quirky regulations on the books that could potentially disrupt the lives of unsuspecting citizens. You might have even already broken some laws provided by EM Law without even realising such as those as seen below. It is illegal to give inaccurate and misleading references as an employer According to the workers’ rights in London, it is illegal to give a bad reference to a former employee Its Infamous City Lifestyle. This law is in place to protect workers from false statements that could damage their reputation and hinder their ability to find new employment.

Although London is Known For Its Infamous City Lifestyle

When an employer provides a reference, they must state only accurate information about the Its Infamous City Lifestyle employee’s character and work history. If an employer makes false or misleading statements, they could be sued for defamation.

This law applies even if the employer does not name the employee in the reference. As such, employers must be careful only to provide positive information about former employees. Otherwise, they could face serious legal consequences.

It is illegal to lead cows while drunk
With section 12 of the Licensing Act 1872, London’s problem with drunken offences was supposed to be solved. It was prohibited to be “drunk when in command of any carriage, horse, or cattle on any roadway or other public area.” It makes little sense now, but it made much sense back then. Cattle drovers travelled great distances to transport vast, possibly dangerous herds of cows to markets.

It is illegal to kill swans
The Royal Family has owned all wild mute swans in open water since the 12th century. Over time, the monarchy started granting ownership of swans to a restricted group of influential individuals ‌for certain services.

To differentiate their birds from the wild swans owned by the royalty, privileged, non-royal owners marked their animals.

It is illegal to knock on someone’s door as a joke A familiar game is known as knock, knock, ginger to some, although also referred to many other variations by others, entails knocking on a person’s door and then scurrying away before they can respond. Although playing the game may seem like a funny joke, it is illegal to do so and a massive nuisance to others.

Willfully disturbing any occupant by pulling or ringing any doorbell or banging at any door without valid justification became prohibited in 1839, as per the Metropolitan Police Act, section 54. Section seven of the statute from 1867 prevented farmers and cattle enthusiasts from walking their treasured livestock during the day.

You would be breaking the law if caught leading your priceless cows down the street between 10 am and 7 pm, barring special authorisation from the police commissioner himself.In conclusion, there are several laws in London that you may not be aware of. These include laws about killing a swan, giving employers bad references, and even walking cows during the day. By familiarising yourself with these laws, you can help ensure that you comply with them and avoid potential penalties. So next time you’re out and about in the capital, keep an eye out for any funny signs or quirky rules!

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