Amazon Account Suspended: How to Open a New One?

Amazon Account Suspended: How to Open a New One?

Sometimes there are situations when Amazon sellers prefer to open a new seller account than getting stuck in a seemingly-endless process of their suspended account reinstatement (which you can read up on here: However, it is not as easy as it can seem to be. Opening a new seller account after losing the old one is a quite complicated process, which requires a lot of effort. Keep in mind that Multiple account Amazon suspensions are very real issues which can tarnish careers if not properly handled. If you feel comfortable with obtaining such vital aspects like a new address, driver license, and telephone number, then opening a new seller account is not going to be a big deal for you…theoretically speaking!

But if you are not able to say goodbye to every minor detail of your old life, then it is better to get rid of the thoughts about opening a new account and do everything in your power to reinstate your seller account.

A New One

If you decide to create an entirely new Seller account, keep in mind that there are many tricky points which should be considered before starting to work on this process. First of all, you cannot use your suspended account’s information for creating a new Amazon account since you are risking getting suspended again. So, for creating a new Amazon account, you should obtain a new bank account, credit card, phone number, driving license, and tax information. Plus, you have to avoid using the same IP address, which is associated with your suspended account. If you are able to overcome all these obstacles for creating a completely new seller account from scratch, then it’s time to act.

About Risks

You should be prepared that once Amazon finds inconsistencies in your account’s information, you will be at risk. By using your suspended account’s information, you can easily get a verification suspension (at the very least). In this case, you will have to provide all your documentation to Amazon. And if Amazon finds a mismatch in your information, your account will be deactivated immediately. Keep in mind that you can easily get suspended both for verification and linked account suspensions, among other things. 


As you can see, creating a new Amazon account after losing your first one is quite a complicated process. And we at Got Suspended Clients advise you to fight till the end for your suspended account’s reinstatement and don’t give up the drive to appeal Amazon suspension. Of course, we understand that sometimes appealing your suspension can go on forever; that’s why it is better to trust this process to real professionals who are peerless in their respective field. 

Got Suspended? appeal reinstatement service is always ready to help you in your account reinstatement. Our professional writers will provide you with the best Plan of Action for your account’s fast reinstatement. What more do you want? Contact us now and get reinstated!

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