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A flute, also called ‘bansuri’ is a long a-tooth and laborious musical instrument. It arrived from the Indian subcontinent and was born with the initial musical instruments. Several flutes dating back to about 53,000 to 45,000 years ago have been found in the Swabian Jura region of today’s Germany. Along with being exceptionally old, the flute asks for remarkable skills and techniques from a player before producing a melody. The elderly have made their lovers toil throughout history to be their best friends! Yet, many people have remained abortive. Therefore, the flute proves that all aged existences are challenging.

Yet there is one pal of flute – Deep Ganguly. He has nailed the instrument; the news of his success has traveled farther than the melody of his flute reaches. Let’s get to know him!

 Who Is Deep Ganguly?

Born on 10th November in India, Deep Ganguly belongs to a line of Hindustani-trained bamboo flutists.Deep is  an Indian classical bansuri musician for over 45 years.

Along with being a musician, Deep Ganguly is a published author and teacher, who creates custom flutes, delivers lectures on flutes, and plays music. His vision is to spread the awareness that Bansuri is a great instrument for enjoyment, and touching one’s soul with the power of breath!

How did Deep Ganguly master the flutist’s craft?

Deep Ganguly was always passionate and fascinated by flutes. From an early age, the musician was lost in the trance of playing the bansuri. He was always curious about how the instrument produced music. His interest prompted him to learn more about it from his father and then from his guru, Late Pandit Malhar Rao Kulkarni. Later, he studied playing flutes more. The master’s zeal and captivation led him to this day!

The Expert and the Public

The bansuri specialist has earned recognition and respect within the industry. His most famous works incorporate Birds Flutes and World of Flutes. Plus, his impression and demand increased whenever he plays . The dexterity and enjoyment, to make people swing and happy at the soothing tunesare what he loves to strive towards. To illustrate, he has created movie soundtracks, participated in national and international concerts, and collaborated with well-known personalities like Naushad Ali. Accordingly, he has earned great fame and esteem over time.

In addition, Deep Ganguly does not disremember his childhood and bothers about unknowledgeable flute lovers. People have become, and still are, desperate to play like Deep Ganguly because of his exceptional talent. Astonishingly, the master is himself available to teach! He also crafts customized flutes by instructions so that people can enjoyably perform music on them. Finding such famous and talented people to relate with others and teach them his secrets is hard.

If one wants to learn and be an exceptional flutist, he/she can take inspiration from Deep Ganguly and his passion for the BANSURI! He is truly an elusive and outstanding flute player that is hard to find in today’s world!

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