Apple has released iOS 13.6.1 : Surprising update with significant improvements

Apple has released iOS 13.6.1 : Surprising update with significant improvements

Apple IOS 13.6.1  confirms that iOS 13 looks like the last update and that all focus is on the upcoming iOS 14 software. But no, today, Apple released another version – sure, it should be the last one? – To resolve some issues that have arisen. You can see the Apple changelog at the bottom of this post on what’s in the new update and how to get it.

Honestly, you do not need to tell me how to do this on this last platform in iOS 13 games, however, if:

Go to the Settings app. General, and then select Software Update. Download, click Install and deliver your stuff to your iPhone (or iPad in case of iPad 13.6.1).

What’s in the update?

This is a small update as the numbering suggests – if it was big it would be iOS 13.7. But minor does not mean small. Of course, updates are all important.

If you see green on your iPhone display, it’s not very good, is it? It’s Apple fixed in this update and is on the thermal management issue. Although not very comprehensive, it is now fixed.

The problem is that some unnecessary system data files are not deleted when storage is low. If it occurs unnecessarily, there may be a question of taste, if there is any of my experience cleaning waste in the spare room, there we are.

Finally, perhaps most importantly, some users have found that exposure notifications are being disabled for some users. As Covid-19 exposure tracking applications become more widely available, determination is important.

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Previous iOS 13.6 update

iOS 13.6

Released on July 15, 2020, the latest update introduces a big header feature: Virtual Car Keys. With selected cars like the upcoming BMW 5 Series, you can unlock the vehicle by touching your iPhone or Apple Watch in the car. You can use the same procedure to start the engine.

In addition, the healthkit has been modified so that new symptoms such as fever tracking, headache, chills and sore throat may occur.

And there is an improvement in the way you update your iOS software. Until now, choosing a single toggle between whether automatic updates are enabled or disabled is now a more advanced option. There are two toggle switches. One is to download the updates automatically and the other is to install the updates overnight if you wish.

The news app also receives updates. A new tab called Audio has appeared and News + subscribers can hear stories read aloud.

iOS 13.5.1

Two weeks before the latest update, Apple released iOS 13.5.1 on Monday, June 1, 2020. It has only one function: to fix vulnerability, which jailbreaks an opportunity. Jailbreaking is popular with those who do not want to add features available to regular iPhones like widgets, various themes and more.

If there is any doubt about the purpose of this update, it is now confirmed that it will prevent jailbreaking using two methods. Everyone thought it was a goalless update aimed at the class without interruption and one of the team tweets was confirmed.

One of the major jailbreakers confirmed that the kernel used for no reason was vulnerable to adhesion. Jailbreaker, @Pwn20wnd tweeted that those who want to jailbreak or jailbreak should not update from iOS 13.5 to iOS 13.5.1. Apple has now stopped signing to iOS 13.5, so anyone upgraded to 13.5.1 will not be able to downgrade to jailbreak for 13.5.

While there are many who love the jailbreaking permission of freedom, it also exposes it as a tool for further attacks, so it is possible that even harmful malicious hackers can exploit it. Jailbreaking is not illegal, however it does invalidate your warranty. And it can keep your iPhone open for attack.

iOS 13.5

Released on May 20, 2020, this is a big update. Most importantly, it has the look and feel of Apple and Google Covid-19 exposure notification apps, which can save lives. It also updates FaceId so that you can use it with a face mask – it will provide a passcode screen more quickly when Face ID detects that you have a mask. And Group FaceTime improved.

iOS 13.4.1

The update hit the iPhone on April 7, 2020 and is moving fast with fixes and bug squashes. These are a solution to a problem previously encountered with FaceTime calls, where such calls do not work on previous versions of iOS and MacOS. A useful new feature that allows you to select Bluetooth from the Quick Actions menu and this is also fixed. Oh, and the iPad-specific issue with Flashlight has also been fixed.

iOS 13.4

Released on March 24, 2020, it is a huge update with many new features. For example, Mail has greatly improved its toolbar and if you reply to an encrypted email, your reply will also be encrypted.

IOS 13.4, the system of the iPad ios 13.4, has trackpad support so that the newest iPad Pro can be used more like a laptop than ever before. ICloud folder sharing, a feature that comes back again and again, so you can easily share documents. The party came up with new memoji stickers with nine new options for pressing face and hands together. Universal Store support came for the App Store, which means you can purchase an app that works simultaneously on iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch, Mac and Apple TV, assuming the app supports it. For arcade games, recently played ones appear in the Arcade tab so you can keep playing on each platform. Although not mentioned by Carkey, you can unlock and drive a convenient car using the aforementioned super-cool element.

For information on the security content of Apple software updates, please visit this website:

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