Are online reviews helpful? You need to know for improve your business



What online reviews mean

In online business, online reviews are a very important element in digital marketing. Actually, what is an online review? Online reviews are actually reviews made by consumers about the experience of using a product or service. Potential buyers today rely heavily on online reviews, just as your parents used to ask their friends for recommendations before buying anything or using professional services. 

In other words, online reviews about your business are also very important, research shows that about 72% of consumers are highly influenced by online reviews, as proof that the search engine giant Google also pays attention to this. 

They rank review sites at the top of the search results in their search engines which means, whenever someone is browsing your website online, they will always find reviews from your website which are usually at the top of the search results page. Most people rarely leave the first page of search results, they think the first page is the closest to what they are looking for, and most of them click on the online review section.

How online review help to grow business

Are online reviews helpful? Is it true that online reviews can help your online business? Before knowing how online reviews can help grow your online business, you need to know search engine optimization on the internet. 

Even though from search engine results, your company web page happens to be not ranked, your company name will still appear as part of the list, but of course in order to appear on the first page of search engines, your company web page must have positive online reviews from users. And the more reviews you get on sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, and TripAdvisor, the higher the chances of your business appearing on the first page of Google search engine results.

As much information is available on the Internet, online review sites and directories have also developed into extensive platforms. This platform then collects a variety of data from many sources. And nowadays it can be said that compared to the reviews from professional critics, these review sites are considered more credible to consumers. And about 72% of consumers trust online reviews that come from personal recommendations. Many consumers head to directories and review sites in search of the right reviews for their needs and ultimately make a purchase decision.

Currently star ratings, basic business info and of course the total number of reviews are very important for potential buyers. Only then do they start reading individual reviews to learn whether the product or service they will buy later actually matches their expectations or not. For example, you might look for a dentist, do a local search on a search engine, then look for the highest star rating, then research the number of reviews (usually you want to know if there really are a lot of customers going to that dentist), and finally read the personal reviews of customers at this dentist.

Who are the best online review service provider

Since there are so many internet users, you can’t assume that you can know where potential buyers will be tracking positive online reviews about your business. Maybe they search several sites like Yelp or Google at once. You also need to consider entering several review sites according to the industry you live in, such as UrbanSpoon or OpenTable which are used specifically for reviews of restaurant industries. The following are some of the best customer review sites that may be suitable for your field of business:

1. Amazon Customer Reviews

2. Angie’s List

3. Choice

4. Trustpilot

5. TripAdvisor

6. Yelp

7. Google My Business

8. Yahoo! Local Listings

9. Facebook Ratings and Reviews

10. Twitter


Once you know how important positive online reviews are for your business. It’s a good idea to start asking for reviews from your existing customers. To get positive reviews and high stars, make sure to always treat each of your customers with high respect and serve them the best you can. Pay attention to all customer questions and needs and provide the best solution for them. Make sure you are always flexible to meet all your customers’ expectations and responsive in communicating with them.

And don’t be stressed if there are negative reviews for your business, you won’t always be able to satisfy everyone involved with your business. Having a balanced review of positive and negative actually states your business is legitimate and consistent. To be sure, you must continue to provide quality feedback on all existing reviews to show that you really care about your customers.

 As long as you always do your best in providing service to your customers, positive reviews will appear far more than negative reviews and of course this review page of your business will become more reliable for potential customers who want to find you.

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