Are Two-Toned Kitchens A Good Idea?

Toned Kitchens

Everybody wants to make a statement in the kitchen these days. You can use your creative skills to make your kitchen stand out. For that, you have to take bold steps. And 2021 is the year for such tasks. Also, you can turn a simple space into a trendy one by using NKBC cabinets. If you are into two-ton kitchens, go for it.

What are two-toned kitchens?

When choosing cabinet colors, one tone is not enough. That is why people are crazy about two-toned kitchens. It refers to using two tints or shades in one place. Well, this style is also timeless. You can contrast or mix two colors in your cooking area. For instance, use one color for upper cabinets and one for lower cabinets.

In addition, you can create two tones by contrasting cabinets and counters. This idea is unique and practical too. You can specify one area with any bold color. In this way, you can organize the space with ease.

Does it fit into your style?

You might be wondering about the kitchen style. Well, it does not matter whether you have a traditional or modern kitchen style. Two-toned kitchens are a good idea to fit any style. So, you can remodel your place with two colors. Or, you can create a brand new cooking space. In this way, you can transform the look of your kitchen.

Two-toned kitchen ideas:

Let’s make it more interesting now. Here are some unique two-tone ideas to go for this year:

  1. Anything with white
  2. Bold cabinets with neutral walls
  3. A classic black and white kitchen
  4. Contrasting floors
  5. Use pastel shades

1- Anything with white:

If you want to play with colors, no color is better than white. Pair white with any bold or neutral color and see the magic. In this way, you can mix light and dark and create a stunning tone for your kitchen. For example, use blue and white in combination. It will give a lovely two-toned look.

In addition, you can go for white upper cabinets, mint-green base cabinets, and a wooden floor. In the same way, you can contrast white with any color. They include deep red, turquoise, grey, yellow, or any neutral color cabinets. In the end, it will look elegant and inviting.

2- Bold cabinets with neutral walls:

Creating a two-tone kitchen is a fun activity. Other than whites, pairing bright and bold cabinets with neutral walls. Also, painting cabinets is a money saver. So, take this chance to create something new. You can make any tone by painting walls and cabinets. But, do not forget to match the floor.

Moreover, neutral walls can go with any bold color cabinets. In this case, NKBC cabinets have a wide range of colors and designs. For instance, try to match a bright green base with open shelves and beige walls. It will be a refreshing tone for your home.

3- A classic black and white kitchen:

When it comes to a striking contrast, nothing can beat a black and white kitchen. You cannot go wrong with a classic white and black area. So, keep the lower cabinets black with a white counter and walls. Or, you can do vice versa. In this way, create an island look with this match. Also, add a white backsplash to warm up the place. A dark wooden floor will complete the look.

4- Contrasting floors:

You can achieve two tones in many ways. Mixing the cabinets and walls is not the only idea. The idea is to include the kitchen floor in the theme. So, keep the flooring the same as the j&k cabinetry and the walls. It will just add to the overall two-tone look.

As an example, dark blue and pink is also a high contrast combo that is in trend right now. Plus, it can work in all types of kitchens alike. Also, it will not go out of style any time soon. A geometric floor is a perfect choice for this theme.

5- Use pastel shades:

If you want to create a dreamy kitchen, go for soft pastel colors. You can mix more neutral shades to get a softer look. Also, this pastel theme is best for small size areas. So, bring some pink, pastel, beige, crème, and grey into the frame. For instance, paint pink, pastel cabinets, and a beige slab. In this way, you can have a bright two-toned kitchen.

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Yes, two-toned kitchens are popular this year. They are new, bright, and fresh for every kitchen style. If you are making a new kitchen, go for this idea. For this, you have endless options in colors and designs. Use NKBC cabinets to give a quality touch to your cooking area. For sure, you will enjoy two tones with your family. I highly recommend the kitchen design gallery to get this new look.

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