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Are You Also a Lover of Seaside and Resort-style Living

Are You Also a Lover of Seaside and Resort-style Living

Are you also a lover of seaside and resort-style living? Then there is no doubt that you will get fascinated by coastal boho décor or interior design. This coastal-style furniture in Australia does not miss capturing the beauty and charm of coastlines. Even the coastal dining room consists of a simple design having natural beauty that is enough to cast a spell on you to try it once. There is no doubt that the coastal boho style is quite relaxing and provides a positive ambience. People who love to take care of themselves and are well aware of the lifestyle they want prefer coastal boho decors. Doesn’t the coastal boho style or coastal room amaze you? In this article, we are going to give you a few tips on how you can achieve this beautiful look, but we will commence by defining the coastal boho style.

What is Coastal Boho Style

Bohemian décor and style are beautiful and cheerful as it contains bright, vibrant colours and patterns. The coastal boho style inherits the laid-back style that focuses on embracing natural materials and bohemian furniture. Casual lifestyle and values are expressed by textiles, vibrant patterns, and various accessories leaving no doubt about the popularity of coastal boho decor in Australia.

Do you know why coastal style is the most preferred interior design by homeowners or designers? Well just because of its airy, light colour palette and comfortable ambience. It is nothing more but a combination of a nomadic lifestyle of bohemian décor and a coastal look.

Top 4 Simple Tips To Achieve This Beautiful Look In Your House

Being quirky and interesting, it costs a lot to adapt to this lifestyle. But it does not matter as you don’t have to jump right into all the decorations because you can start by selecting some key pieces of this classic furniture.

Muted Color Palette

The coastal boho style emphasizes the texture more so the colour palette is kind of restrained by the Coastal boho style. Though there is no argument for adding colour to this style. Make sure that your colour palette is neutral, which is essential to keep it light and airy. You can achieve this by adding soft-looking colours like light green and mint.

Even a touch of blue will look amazing in coastal style but do focus on emphasizing grey and white colours as they symbolize pebbles and driftwood providing a perfect look of coastlines.

Texture Is The Main Key

As the colour palette in boho style is kind of restrained you can go all crazy with the textures and that is what this trend is about. We are going to list some of the textures that you can try on your new interior design.

● Oversized rattan pendants

● Anything that is natural in materials, texture or colours

● Tassels and baubles

● Distressed furniture

● Heaps of greenery

● Rattan chairs

● Layered rugs

● Natural elements (leather, wood, jute etc)

● Coastal boho style bathroom

Add Some Finishing Touch Along With Coastal Boho Bathroom

It is a tradition to involve tiles and porcelain in bathrooms but it will be quite a surprise for you to know that it is very easy to design a bohemian style bathroom.  After designing the bathroom you can add some finishing touch to your Coastal designed home by-

● Introducing tribal patterns by adding colour and texture to it

● Native American dream catcher

● Ceramic pots

● Macramé wall hanging

● Moroccan pendants

● Pieces of driftwood

● Moroccan inspired accessories like floor cushions, side tables, and mirrors

● Patterned rugs


We are sure that we were able to enlighten you enough about coastal boho décor but if you are still unsure about the accessories then you can simply use some rattan, weathered timber, and lots of green plants for a positive ambience.

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