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Are You Getting Ready To Attend The Mega Event Of Oktoberfest

Are You Getting Ready To Attend The Mega Event Of Oktoberfest

Are you getting ready to attend the mega event of Oktoberfest but aren’t sure what accessories to use with your dirndl? Well, worry no more as we will guide you to all the accessories which will compliment your look. Dirndls can be difficult to accessorize. They have so many pieces and so many intricate details that adding something more to it may become a challenge but not anymore. Here, we list all the things you can wear with your dirndl to make it look better.

What Exactly is a Dirndl?
The dress came into being sometime in the 18th century. At first, it was an attire of the poor, but with the commercialization of Oktoberfest, it became a sign of Bavarian tradition and heritage. A dirndl mainly consists of the skirt attached to the bodice and the apron worn over the skirt. The skirt traditionally should be in dark, dusty tones. The corset should be in the lace-up version.

What Accessories to Wear with Your Dirndl?
There is a lot you can wear with your dirndl, but only some of the accessories will do justice to this beautiful piece of clothing. So, here we list some things that will make you look the best at the Oktoberfest.

The blouse is the most important thing when it comes to dirndls. Although German dirndls are being worn without a blouse for some time now, the traditional way is to pair it with a light-coloured blouse that compliments the skirt’s colours and the bodice. It should be well-fitted, except for the sleeves that should be puffed so they may counter the tight-fitting of the corset. There are many colors to choose from when it comes to the blouse.

The top choice of footwear for a dirndl is leather pumps with small heels. They are widely used because they provide comfort and safety from all the broken glass frequent at the Oktoberfest. Some youngsters and older people might find heels very comfortable, so they can always switch to the more comfortable sneakers.

Head Covers:
Bavarian hats and bonnets are mostly used as headcovers with dirndls. They provide protection from the cold (Oktoberfest takes place in September) and help make a fashion statement.

For some people, necklaces are a necessity rather than an accessory. They provide finishing touches to the whole outfit and help it all come together. Traditional Bavarian necklaces are always preferred. They feature floral patterns, hearts and animals like stags and lions.

If you feel the weather is too cold for you to handle, take a cardigan along. Such cardigans will not only keep you warm but will also give an extra edge to the whole look.

The dress is strong enough to accentuate anything if it is not too weird. However, if you wear a necklace, wear small, stud-like earrings. This is because big hoops or dangling earrings with a necklace may seem a bit too much and may make you look over-dressed. Another thing to consider is the color of the earrings.

The traditional style was to pair your dirndl dress with white or blue studs.

Hair Accessories:
Hair accessories are something you will have to spend some time finding. Unmarried women wear a floral wreath called Jungfernkranz, which is symbolic of being single and available. Married women wear small crowns called Kranl. With the hair, less is more. There is no need to go overboard with anything. If you cannot find anything, get some real and fake flowers, put them in your hair and call it a day.

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