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Arrangement of a Cage for a Chinchilla in 2021

Arrangement of a Cage for a Chinchilla in 2021

Chinchillas are rodents that require a proper place to take rest and to enjoy their life. Read about Cage for a Chinchilla for more.


Chinchillas are rodents that require a proper place to take rest and to enjoy their life. Chinchilla is a type of pet that requires its particular place and privacy to live happily. So, proper cage setup is essential for a chinchilla. 

Being a small pet chinchilla also has proper needs and requires high maintenance to live a healthy life. If their needs are not fulfilled, they cannot stay happy and healthy and affect their performance. 

First thing first, you need a cage for your chinchilla but make sure to get a roomy cage for your little one where it can live freely. Choosing the right-sized cage is very important because chinchillas are active and playful pets that love playing. If you do not know what type of cage you need for chinchillas, then this list will help you find the right one for your little pet. 

Before setting up the cage, you need to understand the basic needs or requirements of chinchillas. What are the essentials that a chinchilla must-have in the cage to survive? Let us take a look first at all the conditions that must be added to Chinchilla’s cage.

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Essentials to have in Chinchilla’s Cage and Where to Place it 

Catering Chinchilla’s need is the responsibility of chinchilla owners because there is no other way to keep them happy. So, some basic needs of chinchilla are:

Water Bottle

The pets that live in a cage require a particular type of water bottle to drink water when they need it. The ideal place to put chinchilla’s water bottle is outside the cage with the spout poking inside. It is recommended to put the bottle outside to avoid accidents that may occur. If it accidentally falls inside the cage while you put it inside the cage, it can hurt a chinchilla. 

So, keeping it outside can save your pet from getting harm. As well as avoid creating a mess inside the cage. 

Food Bowl and the Hay Rack

No wonder that your pet needs food to survive and to stay healthy. But as for chinchilla’s they are the most active pets that love playing and moving to and fro inside the cage. So, putting a food bowl inside the cage may not prove to be a good idea. 

If you place the food bowl on height or a certain level, then chinchilla can make it fall while playing. In the second case, if you put the food bowl on the ground of the cage, it can pee in the bowl and do not want that.

So, you must be wondering what to do and how to feed your little pet. In this case, a hayrack works the best, and it is a great option. A hay rack is one type of food bowl, but it is of a different shape. It is like the one that usually farm animals use to eat their food. And for chinchillas, it is the best option. 

Protective Shelter

As chinchillas are the smallest pet, and you can hold them in your hand. So, they get easily terrified with noise or anything that makes them stressed. When a chinchilla gets scared, he usually prefers hiding for hours. Thus, a shelter is a must that helps him hide to release stress. The best place to put the chinchilla’s hide is on the cage’s bottom, where he can easily have access to it. 

Some Chew Toys

Chinchilla’s soft chewing toys are another essential to have in the cage. As the chewing toys help protect their teeth and chinchillas also love chewing. When it comes to placing the toys, you do not need to care much about it. You can put the toys anywhere in the cage where a chinchilla can easily see them and play. 

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Chinchilla’s Exercise Wheel and Jumping Platforms

As chinchillas love playing and exercise, an exercise wheel must-have in the cage. The wheel must be placed on the floor of the cage. It will help the chinchilla to have easy access to it and use it easily.

Other than that, jumping platforms also help him stay active and happy. Place the jumping platform around the sides of the cage, and you place them over each other with some distances in between each. 


Chinchilla’s cage setup is a real tough job for the chinchilla owners. As the chinchillas have high needs and fulfilling their needs is a huge responsibility. So, mentioned above are some essentials that must-have in the chinchilla’s cage and where to place what. It will help you arrange a perfect setup for the chinchilla inside the cage, and it helps him live a healthy, happy, and long life.  

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