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Arrested for celebrating Pakistan victory

The game played last Sunday. But the rest of the match between India and Pakistan is still there. Indian police arrested seven young Muslims for celebrating Pakistan’s victory.

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Live in India to help Pakistan! In an interview with `Sports, Indian legend Virat Kohli also made a suggestion:` `There is something else. Further changes to the team will create weaknesses in the opponent and panic. Marcus Stones teamed up with Smith after the release of Warner. They took the team to the victorious port without taking any further ticket gates. At the end of the game, Smith was undefeated with 27 of the 26 balls. Stones is undefeated with 18 out of 6 balls, 2 balls with 4 balls, and 1 ball with 6 balls.

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Three of the seven young people came from Kashmir.Gavaskar wants to make two changes to Indian XI for the next game. Given the defeat to Pakistan, Gavaskal felt that all-rounder Hardik Pandya and fast bowler Bubaneswar Kumar should not start. Gava Skull said: “If Hardik Pandya didn’t bowl because of a shoulder injury, Ishan Xan would have a great rhythm, and keep Chardur Tagore instead of Bubaneswar Kumar in XI. Is also possible.

He took two wickets in Sri Lanka and scored 12 runs with four overs. Prior to, Sri Lanka recorded 154 runs with 6 wickets in 3 innings over 30. This is a fascinating part of tomorrow’s Sri Lankan-Australia battle in Dubai. However,Sri Lanka innings to Australia exceeded 150. Australia, which defeated South Africa and launched the World Cup campaign,

Arrested for celebrating Pakistan victory

Sri Lanka recorded 15 runs with 2.5 overs. Whether this team finished power play with 53 runs in one wicket. Kushal Perera and Charit Asalankara wanted to make a big difference in the counterattack. Cummins missed 14 runs in the third round. The 18th run came from Glen Maxwell’s next over Arshad Yusuf, Inayat Sheikh and Shawkat Ahmed are studying at Raja Balwant Singh College in Agra.

They have also been accused of posting messages on social media in support of Pakistani party “A.” All three were expelled from the university indefinitely.Three of the remaining four young men were arrested in Bareilly and one in Lucknow. In addition, several students from two Srinagar medical schools were punished by police to celebrate Pakistan’s victory.

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