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Arsenal’s red or Barcelona Blaugrana jersey

Arsenal’s red or Barcelona Blaugrana jersey

Thierry Daniel Henry. As soon as you hear the name Blaugrana jersey, a bald-headed gentleman comes to your mind, who is either scoring one goal after another in Arsenal’s red or Barcelona’s Blaugana jersey. The touch of new color in each part of it creates a new one. The same is true of Thierry Henry. If the field is a canvas, Henry not only painted on that canvas, he also made the canvas more colorful by doing various crafts there.

The events that followed were also very brief, from which there was Blaugrana jersey no very difficult task for Henry to get the ball into the net!

But is Henri just a scorer? He was also one of the best goal scorers of his time. As a striker, he was equally adept at scoring goals with his teammates. This is what sets him apart from other traditional footballers.

What would you say about a footballer like Thierry? He was awesome, amazing in a word! He was brighter than his teammates in training, he did his job best. I’ve seen Martin Keun, Tony Adams, Soul Campbell and Steve Bold tackle him badly, but with him “He was a perfect athlete. He could change the game from defense to straight attack. He changed himself very quickly when he came to the team at a young age. You can see his agility and speed, but his towards finishing.” Focus made him special. He was like a Rolls-Royce, who could turn his ‘accelerator’ pedal on at any time. ”

Thierry Henry was born on August 17, 1968, in the suburb of Les Ulys in Paris. His father’s love for football attracted young Henri so much to football that the first memories of his footballing career began with his father’s hand. Those small playing moments with his father repeatedly inspired him to develop himself as a player.

Henry spent most of his childhood playing football for local football clubs such as CO Les Ullis, US Palaiseau and later Vari-Chatillon. It didn’t take long for Henri to show off his talent, so the young footballer soon began to catch the eye of the top clubs in France.

He got his first big chance of his career through Arnold Catalano of Monaco. In 1990, Monaco sent their scout representative, Arnold Catalano, to observe Henri’s game. Henri’s team won the match 6-0, with 13-year-old Henri scoring all the goals for his team. Catalano was so impressed with Henri’s game that he never considered bringing Henri to the club a second time. Catalano sat down with Anri to join the club without any trial. However, when signing for Enrique on behalf of Monaco, he made it a condition that Enrique join the famous Clarefontaine Academy in France.

Henry’s school grades were pretty bad, Clarefontaine Academy wasn’t interested in accepting him at first. However, he finally got the chance to join this prestigious academy and joined Monaco Academy in 1992 after completing his course.

Arsenal Wenger was then the coach of Monaco, known for finding talented footballers. Wenger’s jeweler’s eyes did not err in recognizing the gem as Henry did. Henri made his debut for Monaco in the 1994–15 season against Nice, in which Monaco lost 2–0. Wenger initially wanted to play Henri as a striker, but he was so impressed with Henri’s agility and speed that he finally started playing Winger’s role. As a winger, Henry was the name of the biggest panic for the opposing defenders; With his speed, he could easily beat the opponent’s fullbacks and make room for the striker.

In the 1998-96 season, Monaco won the League One title based on Henri’s great performance. The following season, Henri scored six goals as Monaco reached the UEFA Champions League semi-finals, a record number of French footballers at the time. Henri ended his Monaco career with 20 goals in 105 appearances in five seasons.

In the winter transfer window of 1999, Henri left Monaco to join Juventus. However, he may want to forget the time he played at Juventus. There has been plenty to breathe in front of Siri-A’s tight defense line; He could not adapt himself very well, which also affected his game. He was able to score a total of 3 goals in 16 matches for Juventus! As a result, Henri’s Juventus chapter did not last long, ending that season.

It is worth mentioning that Arsene Wenger has taken over as the manager of Arsenal after paying the price for Monaco. When it came to bringing Henri from Juventus to Arsenal, there was disagreement among board members. Despite much controversy, Arsenal board members were forced to bow to Wenger’s argument and bring Henri to Arsenal for িয়ন 11 million. On Henri’s transfer, Wenger said:

“It will be a historic transfer that will take our club to another level very soon.”

It didn’t take long for the controversy to flare up, and for Arsenal, Henry’s start was horrible. Henry could not open the scoring in the first 6 matches, the pressure of the English media began to come on Wenger. Wenger also began to think, perhaps, that relying on Henri was the wrong decision.

However, Henry did not take long to respond to all the criticism. He closed the mouths of all the critics by scoring a total of 26 goals in that season.

Henri won the Premier League title for the first time for Arsenal in the 2001–02 season, becoming the league’s top scorer with 24 goals. The 2003-04 season was a dream come true for any Arsenal football fan. Wenger’s Arsenal set an unbeaten league title without losing a match, dubbed the ‘Golden Premier League’. Henri became the first footballer to win the Back-to-Back Golden Boot with a total of 30 goals in the league.

In terms of personal achievement, Henry had a great time in the 2005-06 season.

October 16, 2005. With a pair of goals against Sparta Prague in the Champions League group stage match, he broke Ian Wright’s record of 175 goals to become Arsenal’s top scorer. He scored his 151st goal in the Premier League against West Ham United, setting the record for the highest goalscorer in the league by Arsenal legend Cliff Bastin. However, although Henri was full of personal achievements, the 2005-06 season as a team was a disappointment for Arsenal. Arsenal finished fourth in the service league, also losing 2-1 to Barcelona in the Champions League final. From then on, rumors of Henry leaving Arsenal began to spread.

The last season for Arsenal (2006-07) was a frustrating one for Henry. Due to constant injuries, he got a chance to play only 18 matches that season.

Although the last season did not go well for Arsenal, Henry’s Arsenal chapter was full of success. On behalf of the Gunners, Henry scored 228 goals to become the top scorer, a record that is still intact.

At Arsenal, Henri played in the striker’s position, but in Barcelona, ​​Samuel Eto’o was in that position, so the then Barcelona coach Frank Rijkaard brought Henri back to the winger position, which led to a slight deficit in Henri’s consistent goal-scoring form. Even then, Henri became the team’s top scorer with 19 goals in his first season in Barcelona.

Needless to say, that season will be invaluable in the pages of Barcelona’s history. For the first time in their history, Barcelona won La Liga, the Copa del Rey and the UEFA Champions League in the same season. Henri-Ito-Messi’s trio was the biggest threat to Barcelona’s forward line, scoring a total of 100 goals that season for the three of them. Henri’s dream of winning the Champions League finally came true, the only imperfection in his long football career.

The following season, Barcelona signed Pedro. Towards the end of his career, the form was no longer speaking for Henry, and his agility on the field had begun to wane. As a result, Henri lost his place to Pedro. That season, Guardiola allowed Henri to play in just 15 league games from the start. Henri left Barcelona in the transfer window at the end of the season and moved to American Major League Soccer.

In 2010, Henri signed a two-year contract with the Major League Soccer Club New York Red Bulls. But in American football, Henry has left no memory, not even a major trophy for the Red Bulls. He himself may have realized that as a player he had nothing left to give to football. That’s why in December 2014, he decided to keep his shoes on forever, ending his colorful football career.

After ending his career as a footballer, Henry joined Sky Sports as a football analyst in 2015. The same year he joined Arsenal as the Under-16 coach. But he resigned as Arsenal’s under-16 coach in July 2016, facing obstacles from the Arsenal board to work for Sky Sports as Arsenal’s coach.

That same year he joined the Belgian national football team as an assistant coach. Henry’s Belgium chapter as an assistant coach was full of success. Although Belgium lost to France in the semifinals of the 2018 World Cup, Henry’s performance was commendable. In a post-World Cup interview, Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku said:

Henry left Belgium shortly after the World Cup to join Monaco as head coach. But this time his Monaco chapter was like forgetting. As the coach of Monaco, he was able to survive only 20 matches, the condition of the team was absolutely deplorable. Henry then joined Major League Soccer Club Montreal Impact as a coach.

Thierry Henry’s career as a footballer is full of success. Henri, who became one of the best players of all time in the Premier League, has spread his brilliance even after coming to Bara. But in the midst of all the receipts, there is some unattainableness, which fades all the joy of receiving. Ballon d’Or is one such name in Henry’s life.

The dream of winning the Ballon d’Or, the owner of the sixth highest goal in the Premier League and the owner of the highest goal in Arsenal, has remained a dream. Despite being on Ballon d’Or’s top three list twice, it didn’t turn out well; Henry’s grief may last a lifetime. Or regret the balloon, the crown of a player that could not?

Playing life where the picture of perfection is clear, Henry’s career as a coach is at the exact opposite pole at the moment. Maybe a new art will be born in his hands, maybe a new star will take shape in his hands.

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