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Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon Dish on Pregnancy Baby Products

Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon Dish on Pregnancy Baby Products

We interviewed this celebrity because we think you’ll like their Pregnancy picks. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a commission if you purchase something through our links. Items are sold by the retailer, not E. Everyone has been rooting for Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon ever since they stepped out of their Pregnancy respective limos to join Bachelor Nation. We’ve seen them hand out roses on Bachelor in Paradise, and soon, they will be handing out bottles to baby Haibon. The couple announced that they are expecting their first Pregnancy child together during an Amazon Live broadcast earlier today.

Prior to going public with the announcement, Ashley told E! News, I’m pregnant. We’re not Pregnancy. That phrase, we’re pregnant, needs to be retired. The woman is pregnant. And of course, Jared, the ever-supportive husband, completely agrees with the sentiment, acknowledging, Yes, she is going to be doing 99.9% of the work during pregnancy. She’s pregnant and I’m just here to hold her hand and help with whatever she needs.

And part of that help includes sharing what they want about pregnancy on their own terms. Jared said, There’s nothing wrong with talking about it whenever we want and feel comfortable, with Ashley adding, “I’ve been very raw and open ever since I’ve been on TV and I think I should continue with that. Plus, I think other people would like to hear about these experiences.

Ashley revealed that she’s been having a tough pregnancy so far, admitting, “It’s like basically having a hangover or a stomach bug for five weeks of this. She throws up in the morning, afternoon, and night. Everybody should know that. I know there are a lot of people going through what she is right now who would like to know that they’re not the only ones. You don’t hear enough about this. ”

Ashley admitted, “It’s very stressful to have obligations of any kind while feeling like this. I can’t believe how so many people go through it and do it silently because so many people don’t say anything in their first trimester. I wish there were more people who were open about this because so many people start sharing about their pregnancy in the second trimester. That makes sense since they’re really excited and probably feeling better.”

Despite the difficult times, Ashley said, “I am excited to be a voice who can honestly speak up about what this is really like at the beginning of pregnancy.”

Aside from feeling a kinship with Amy Schumer about the beginning of pregnancy, Jared and Ashley have confided in some fellow Bachelor alums, “We’ve told Jade and Tanner [Tolbert], obviously. And Ben [Higgins].”Jade and Tanner, who have three children, even shared some baby shopping advice.

Ashley added that she shared the news with Becca Tilley and Jared revealed that told Dean Unglert. That’s when Ashley said, “We have to call Nick [Viall] now. We want him to know before we announce. Now that Ashley and Jared have shared the pregnancy, they are getting ready for their little one’s arrival by shopping at Amazon. While the shopping is far from over, keep on scrolling to check out the couple’s favorite picks so far.

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